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Dimitri’s Desire by Maddie Taylor and Melody Parks

dimitrisdesire_detailDimitri De Luca is in the business of meeting needs—the kind of needs that people blush to discuss—and at Pleasure Bay, the BDSM-themed resort he owns on a private Caribbean island, business is good. With the help of his guest relations expert, Mariah Charmant, the pricey oasis promises an experience like no other. But Dimitri has something he needs as well… Mariah.

Mariah has been hurt before, and even as she makes one perfect match after another for others, she wonders if she can trust herself with her own heart. Despite the darkness of her past, she longs for Dimitri to claim her and dominate her completely, but can she bring herself to call him her master?




Publisher’s Note: Dimitri’s Desire is an erotic novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, extensive BDSM content, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book. Dimitri’s Desire was originally published under the title Pleasure Bay.

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Authors: Maddie Taylor and Melody Parks

Length: 95,100 words

eBook Price: $4.95


“Excellent. Are you ready to begin?”

A delightful shiver danced down her back at his question. “Yes, sir.”

“Mmmm…” he hummed approvingly as his palm dipped into the small of her back and down over the warm globes of her ass. Standing at her side with his back to the mirror, he began rubbing and pinching her cheeks. “Soft, yet pliable—very nice.” Moving a leg between her thighs to steady her, he delivered one crisp swat to each cheek. He paused for a moment, then smoothing a hand over her flesh and wrapping an arm around her waist, he went to work. His hand wasn’t testing the waters anymore. Sharp smacks and underhand slaps collided with her tingling cheeks.

Fixated on their reflection, she started to pant, curling her toes into the thick carpet. Her face was reddened and a light sheen of sweat was developing on her forehead. Quiet whimpers and soft cries echoed in her ears as her body began to dance. She could never have imagined that watching herself under a dom’s control would heighten her arousal the way it was right now, with her clit almost throbbing in time with his swats.

He seemed to enjoy the three-slap rhythm he had going on, banging out a resounding beat as if he were John Bonham and her ass was his drum. An artist of the first order, he gave a sharp slap to the middle, a good solid smack to the fleshy part above the thigh and followed it up with an underhand sweep to the sit-spot.

She didn’t know how many of these sets landed on each cheek, but she was finding it hard not to move her feet. Her soft whimpers were building into loud moans. Her rear end was on fire and she was thankful he’d given her the option of the cuffs as she strained against them.

“Please… I’m sorry. I’m sorry I lied to you,” she at last howled, begging for mercy. Her hips were twisting, trying to avoid his dreaded underhand swat. She didn’t know just how many more she could handle.

“Let’s be sure of it,” he growled, continuing his cadence.

Her heart was thumping wildly and her body, in a natural urge toward self-preservation, lurched forward into his firm thigh each time she anticipated the nasty underhand. He repositioned his leg so that when she surged forward to avoid the swat her pussy would ride along his thigh. In fact, he seemed to encourage her by lifting his thigh to meet her moist lips. Just when she thought she couldn’t take another slap, he stopped.

Adam was panting nearly as hard as she was. “You’re soaked, princess. Your juices are running down my leg.” As if to prove it further, he slipped two fingers into her liquefied core, stroking deep until she clenched with a needy moan.

“Hell, yes!” he groaned, pulling his fingers out slowly. He righted himself, turning to meet her gaze in the mirror. Holding his glistening fingers aloft, he held her gaze as he slowly licked them clean. “As incredible as you taste, I’m going to explode if I don’t get my cock in that tight wet pussy of yours in the next five seconds.”

“Yes,” she moaned, her mind drunk with pleasure by their image. “Please, sir.”

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