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Doctor Knows Best by Loki Renard

Doctor Knows Best by Loki RenardAll hours are working hours for Laura Lewis, the youngest CFO in her company’s history, and she certainly isn’t going to let some chest pains and a stay in the hospital slow her down. Unfortunately, her overbearing and irritatingly handsome physician, Dr. Steven Foster, has other ideas. He confiscates her precious phone and threatens her with a spanking if he catches her working from her bed again. Intrigued, Laura tests him and quickly discovers that Steven is a man of his word. Her bare bottom is set stinging and a thorough scolding leaves her ego bruised and her heart aflutter.

When it comes time for Laura to be released, Steven orders her to take several weeks off work. Knowing his feisty patient is unlikely to follow her doctor’s orders, he also provides his phone number and promises to check up on her. It isn’t long before he learns that she has ignored virtually every instruction he gave her, and upon returning to her apartment after lunch together, he puts her over his lap and gives her the spanking she’s been needing her whole life.

Afterwards, Steven gives Laura a choice: she can go back to pretending to be an independent woman who doesn’t need any man, or she can give herself to him and explore the submissive desires she has hidden for so long, the ones that so often resulted in her locking her office door, raising her skirt, and playing out her private fantasies during working hours.

Laura agrees to put herself under the Steven’s care once more, and she soon finds that he is just as skilled a dominant as he is a physician. Work can’t wait forever though, and Laura and Steven find their world turned inside out when her company is accused of major financial crimes and she is set up to take the fall for the misdeeds of others. Will a jail sentence tear her away from her newfound love forever? And just how far will Steven prove willing to go to protect Laura and clear her name?

Publisher’s Note: Doctor Knows Best is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, medical play, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Loki Renard

eBook Price: $3.95

Length: 39,500 words


She felt his palms sliding around to cup her cheeks, then his fingers found the zipper of her skirt. He drew it down and she felt the material becoming loose as it slid down over her hips and then fell to the floor, a halo of fabric around her feet.

Steven took gentle but complete control of her, helping her to step out and bend once more over his thighs. This time there was nothing but the silk of her panties protecting her from his palm.

“You have excellent taste in lingerie,” he murmured as he let his palm and fingers slide over the soft material. The sensation was more than pleasant; it was a slow thrill that made her squirm as the caressing made the material pull tighter between her thighs. Then the spanking began anew.

He spanked her very thoroughly and without giving any quarter, his palm covering her bottom again and again. Panting and clutching at his leg, Laura wailed as her bottom was spanked to a hot burning glow. Her legs scissored and flailed with desperate syncopation, her body contorting and twisting as it instinctively tried to avoid the unavoidable impacts.

He paused, and for a moment she thought she was receiving some early respite, but the break was only to sweep her panties down and leave her bottom bare to yet more discipline. Each slap seemed much sharper on bare skin and Laura’s attempts at composure failed completely as she began to kick and wriggle, whimpering pitifully. Steven was unaffected by her display of discomfort and the spanking continued regardless of her flailing, which only served to further dislodge what remained of her clothing.

Having slipped down her thighs, her panties swung around her left ankle before one bucking squirm sent them flying across the room onto the nose of a ceramic hound. Her carefully coiffed hair stuck in stringy clumps to the tear-stained cheeks of her face, obscuring her vision as her hips rose and fell over his thighs.

Still his palm fell, catching her low on her cheeks and occasionally between her thighs, slapping her high on her inner thigh but avoiding her pussy with care. She was wet, but that didn’t matter. Her arousal was playing second fiddle to the discipline Dr. Foster was unleashing on her bottom.

“Are you learning your lesson?”

“Yes!” Laura squealed the answer. “I promise!”

“Mhm.” He stopped spanking for a moment, and let his fingers drift over the hot, tight skin of her bottom. “And I haven’t used your hairbrush yet. Do you think I need to?”

“No!” Laura panted. “You don’t have to use a hairbrush, you don’t need to do anything else, I’ll be good!”

She meant every word of her promise. Her bottom was one big hot bubble of what may as well have been molten lava. If he had unleashed an implement at that time, she was fairly certain she would have melted into a puddle of a person.

“Mm-hmm.” He let his fingers drift down a little lower, teasing the rear cleft of her cheeks just above her tight little bottom hole. “Do you think you will remember this tomorrow?”

“I will,” she said, suddenly becoming very still. His fingertip was so close to her anus she could almost feel him touching her there, little tingles making their way to that sensitive spot.

“I’m not so sure,” he replied, letting his fingertip drop that little bit lower. Laura let out a low moan as she felt him there, his thick digit pressing gently against her bottom hole. “I think we’re not quite done here, young lady.”

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