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What the Doctor Ordered by Trent Evans, Tara Finnegan, Natasha Knight, Sue Lyndon, and Casey McKay


Featuring five brand-new books by five excellent authors, What the Doctor Ordered contains over five-hundred Kindle pages worth of hot doctors, naughty patients, thorough examinations, and sound spankings. This collection includes:

The Doctor and the Naughty Girl, by Trent Evans

Dr. Dane McKendrick is tired of his twenty-four-year-old receptionist, Amity Derrington, failing to take her job seriously. Amity is beautiful and smart, but the rich, spoiled girl clearly needs a firm hand, and when she shows up late for work and hung over yet again, Dane lets her know that from now on her behavior will have consequences. It isn’t long before Amity puts Dane’s warning to the test, and she soon ends up over his knee for a long, hard, bare-bottom spanking. Worse still, when Dane learns the extent to which she has neglected her annual check-ups, Amity quickly finds herself receiving the most intimate, embarrassing exam of her life.

The Right Treatment, by Tara Finnegan

Things have changed quite a bit in the years since Aoife Devine last saw Matt McDaid, her childhood crush. Working as a doctor on the emergency ward has hardened him, and parties, alcohol, and one-night-stands have taken their toll on her. But when a bad batch of ecstasy sends Aoife to the hospital, she finds herself with no choice but to accept Matt’s help, even if that means obeying his rules. Matt proves fully prepared to back up his orders with a sound spanking, and Aoife soon learns that cooperating with his treatments is not optional, no matter how humiliating they may be for her.

Amy’s Strict Doctor, by Natasha Knight

When Amy’s husband, Dr. Cade Hollister, convinces her to take the last class she needs to finish her college degree, she has no idea what is in store for her. Amy has never challenged herself in the past, and when she fakes an illness to avoid the hard work required to pass the course, Cade decides it is time to teach her a much-needed lesson. Before she knows it, her strict husband is taking her temperature the old-fashioned way, and that is just the start. Cade soon demonstrates that he is more than ready to give his wife the discipline she needs, even if it leaves her cheeks blushing as red as her well-spanked bottom.

Her Old-Fashioned Doctor, by Sue Lyndon

After she catches her fiancé cheating on her, Melissa packs a suitcase and sets out on a road trip to give herself some time to recover. But things take an unexpected turn when she rear-ends Dr. John Holden’s truck in a tiny rural town and he responds by inviting her for an impromptu dinner date. The handsome medic’s charm and take-charge manner—not to mention his willingness to spank her bare bottom if he feels it necessary—all combine to set Melissa’s heart beating faster than it has in a long time. But is her rapidly growing crush on John merely a rebound fling, or can his hold on her heart last forever?

The Doctor’s Wife, by Casey McKay

Christina knew when she married Dr. Dan Connolly that it would be the best decision of her life, but as the years have passed and work and everyday concerns have piled up, their passion has begun to cool. But when Christina becomes so busy and stressed that she stops eating properly, Dan realizes he must step in to ensure that his wife starts taking care of herself again. Dan makes it clear that things need to change, and Christina soon learns that defying the man who is both her doctor and her head of household will earn her a trip over his knee for a bare-bottom spanking.

Publisher’s Note: What the Doctor Ordered is a collection of five erotic romance novels that includes spankings, sexual scenes, extensive medical play, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Authors: Trent Evans, Tara Finnegan, Natasha Knight, Sue Lyndon, and Casey McKay

eBook Price: $9.95

Length: 212,900 words total


The Doctor and the Naughty Girl, by Trent Evans

“I—you’re really going to make me say this?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Fuck,” she said under her breath, glancing down.

There were other things that needed to be addressed besides her atrocious punctuality.

“If you can’t say it, then I want your resignation letter on my desk within the next fifteen minutes. This behavior ends today—the only question is how.”

Amity stiffened, looking over Dane’s head. “I’m choosing to be… punished.”

“Punished, how?”

Her jaw tightened. “I’m going to be… spanked.”

“That’s right, you are.” Dane slid his chair back and stood. He walked over to the door and locked it. He smiled, hearing her breath catch.

“What… are you doing?”

He turned back to her, hands on his hips. “I can leave it unlocked, if you’d like. Maybe Cathie might walk in while you’re being spanked? Is that what you want?”

“No!” She glanced down. “Sorry. No, sir.”

There it is again.

Just that one word had his cock hardening, and he hadn’t even started her spanking yet.

Dane pulled one of the conference room chairs out, dragging it to the middle of the open section of the floor under the big picture window.

“Come here, Amity.”

For a moment, it was as if her legs refused to obey, a halting, almost spasmodic movement. Then she inhaled deeply, lifted her chin, and walked to him.

He gazed at her, watching for any reaction, any hint that she’d lose her nerve. But he didn’t see it. All he saw were those big, beautiful eyes, wide with apprehension, the trembling of her upper lip. He took a seat, looking up at her.

“Lie across my lap.”

The Right Treatment, by Tara Finnegan

“Go to your room, strip off, and lie on the bed ready for an examination until I get there. If you’re not ready when I get there, I promise you, the exam will start with your first taste of a proper spanking. If I find you are lying, the examination will finish with a spanking. Before the night is out, you will write out I must show courtesy and respect to those who are good enough to help me one hundred times. You had better pray you won’t be writing on a hard kitchen chair with a bare, spanked bottom.” The look of horror on her face said it all. Before she scampered from the room, she lifted her mug of tea; he saw her hold it in her mouth and her face redden from the scalding liquid. Inwardly he chuckled. She thought she was being clever. Where he intended sticking the thermometer, a full mug of tea wouldn’t make much difference.

As soon as Aoife went to her bedroom, he grabbed his emergency bag from the hall, then went to his bathroom cabinet and pulled out the Vaseline and thermometer. He’d placed them there the minute Aoife had signed her agreement, knowing she would pull any stunt to have the upper hand. He would make sure she would never fake sick again.

“No! No way,” Aoife had protested when he placed the thermometer and Vaseline on the locker. The shock on her face said it all. She definitely had not seen this coming. He relished in the victory. She was lying on the bed, but of course she hadn’t undressed; in fact she had already pulled on her running clothes.

“Clothes off, now,” Matt ordered, swatting her firmly on the rump.

“Ouch,” she protested. She quickly jumped to attention.

“Lie in the foetal position and relax, it will only take a few minutes.” Her fingers trembled as she slipped off her shorts and he got a lovely view of her cute white cotton panties. No, he would not allow himself be distracted. Aoife needed to be taught a lesson and his job was to teach it. “Take off your top too, I want to listen to your chest.”

“No, I feel better, we can go to the gym now. Honest, it’s just my time of the month,” Aoife begged. Sheesh. Did she really expect him to fall for that? He had access to all her medical records. He knew she was using the Merino coil. Time of the month wouldn’t come into it. At worst, she might have a day or two of light spotting, but even that was not significant. He slipped on some latex gloves, enjoying the look of defeat settle on her face. With a ‘harrumph’ she flopped despondently on the bed, her face delightfully glowing with embarrassment. Before long, he was pretty sure she would have another set of cheeks burning just as brightly. He was relishing the thought of finally spanking some of that brattitude out of her. He had been aching to do just that from the day after she had been admitted to his care in Ealing Hospital.

“We can’t have you exercising if you are ill, can we? What sort of a tyrant would that make me? I need to check you over first. Now you can turn around and face the wall or I will take you across my knee, your choice.”

Amy’s Strict Doctor, by Natasha Knight

“What happens to naughty girls who misbehave, Amy?” he asked, spanking her bottom, turning the whole surface of both mounds a pretty shade of red before moving to the tops of her legs, focusing just on the crease where bottom and thigh met.

“They get their naughty bottoms spanked, sir.”

“That’s right. And tonight, you’re going to get the paddle. Are you ready for it?” he asked, pausing, caressing the now warm flesh of her bottom.

“I don’t want the paddle, sir,” she cried, turning to him, her eyes pleading. “Can’t you just spank me with your hand a little longer?”

“We won’t be negotiating punishments, Amy,” he said, his tone stern. “Stand up.”

With his help, she stood, stumbling a little, wiping at her reddened eyes, her hair a mess around her face.

“Please, I really don’t want that! I understand what I did wrong and I’m sorry. I really am.”

Cade was standing too now and rubbing her arms, soothing her, trying to calm her.

“Punishment isn’t something most people want, Amy,” he said, undeterred. He was getting through to her, but he needed to be sure she understood him. He could not go easy on her. Not now.

“But Cade…”


“Please?” she begged once more, just clasping her hands together at her chest.

“Shh… It’s ok, you can do this. I love you, baby,” he coaxed, hugging her and rubbing her back until she calmed a little. “Are you ready?”

Her Old-Fashioned Doctor, by Sue Lyndon

“I-I’m sorry I was naughty, John. I will accept whatever punishment you deem fit.” she said, meaning every word.

A pleased look crossed his face, and he nodded and stared pointedly at her dress. “You will be naked during your spanking, Melissa. Take your shoes and dress off. Panties too.”

“Yes, sir.” She slipped out of her dress and it fell to her feet in a pool of fabric. Her panties came next, and she pushed the garments aside along with her sandals. Though the lamplight was dim, a profound sense of vulnerability filled her as she stood naked before John. Not only was he fully dressed, but he was the one in charge, and the balance of power shifted between them. She’d never been so aware of his strength and his dominance than in this moment.

He grasped her hand and led her to the bed. The resolute glint in his eyes told her he meant business, and a shiver coursed up her back despite the warm quickening in her pussy. She flushed and her breasts felt heavier, her nipples becoming painfully erect. Instinctively, she covered her chest, not wanting him to witness her arousal in the face of a punishment.

John sat on the edge of the bed and drew her to stand between his legs. He removed her hands from her breasts and regarded her sternly. “Why are you covering yourself all of a sudden, Melissa? I’ve seen you naked before.”

“I don’t want to tell you.”

“Ah, but you will. Of course I can guess the problem too. Judging by your hard nipples and your increased breathing, I’d say you’re excited right now, even though I’m about to give you a punishment spanking.”

Shame overwhelmed her and she lowered her head. “Please, just spank me.”

His hand crept up her inner thighs, and she trembled and whimpered in despair. She shuddered with pleasure the second his fingertips played along the outside of her pussy lips, and her embarrassment deepened. Her face flamed, and she was certain she’d never blushed so hard in her whole life.

The Doctor’s Wife, by Casey McKay

He put his hands on her hips and tugged her back a step, pressing her ass against the front of his pants before he took a step to her side. “What time is it?” he asked.

She looked over her shoulder at him in confusion; when he only looked back at her, waiting for a reply, she glanced at the clock on the stove. “It’s 11:48, why?”

“I see, forty-eight minutes past your bedtime,” he narrated.

She felt something cool and hard run over her bare cheek. She twisted around to see Dan caressing her naked backside with a wooden spoon. When had he picked that up?

“Eyes forward, Mrs. Connolly. You’re getting forty-eight strokes with the spoon and maybe next time you’ll listen to your husband when he gives you instructions.”

“Dan,” she squeaked out, but then the spoon landed in the center of her left cheek. It barely stung and she realized he had selected one of the smaller wooden spoons, lighter in weight and a smaller surface area than some of the ones he could have picked up. He landed a similar swat to her other cheek.

“No talking during your punishment,” he directed. When she glanced back at him, he added, “Think you can handle that?” with an arch of his eyebrow.

She rolled her eyes and faced forward again, biting her lip to hide her smile. Leaning forward, putting more weight on her hands on the counter, she pushed her ass back toward him. Dan continued to lay the stinging swats all over her ass. He announced when he got to ten and then proceeded on. Christina couldn’t help the moan that escaped her lips when he neared twenty. She felt a slight sting, but any trepidation she had that her husband was truly upset with her flew out the window. They reached twenty and the smacks fell quicker, but the burn on her flesh morphed into an ache in her core.

This was anything but a punishment and she wiggled her ass back at him, spreading her legs, hoping he’d pause to caress her dripping wet folds. After he laid down two hard swats to her sit spots that had her dancing up on her toes, Dan acquiesced, his fingers slipping between her legs.

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