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Doctor’s Captive: A Dark Billionaire Romance by Parker Fox

I’ve always fantasized about a man who would take what he wanted. Then one did.

The doctor. That’s the only name he gave me, this gravelly-voiced brute who kidnapped me from my cozy apartment, strapped me to an exam table, and then cut my panties off with a scalpel.

He teased my naked, quivering body to a fever pitch and made me come so hard I blacked out, but he could have done so much more. If he’d ravaged me that night, I would have begged for it.

But he made me wait instead.

Because he’s going to come for me again.



Publisher’s Note: Doctor’s Captive includes spankings, medical play, and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Parker Fox

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$3.95

Length: 34,000 words


“Don’t worry, my needy little Katie. You’ll get to come before I’m done with you tonight.”

Fuck him for calling her needy.

Fuck him twice for being correct.

Fuck him right in the eye for not letting her come this fucking second.

“Oh, I like that fierce look on your face, too. You want to come right now, don’t you?” his tone dripped with something she would normally call taunting sarcasm, except it seemed intended more to accentuate her infuriatingly intense arousal rather than to hurt her feelings.

“I can see from your pout that you’ve had enough teasing for now, Katie. It’s time I bring out the ice again.”

She had been wondering if he was going to use that. Well, not wondering, really. She had been pretty damn certain that he would, because the level of OCD he’d demonstrated so far would make it impossible to even conceive that he might skip a step while dealing with her pussy.

The ice on her clit felt essentially the same as it had on her nipples, except vastly more intense. The frigid touch on her most sensitive spot was torture, but the soothing that followed—first with his hot breath and then with his mouth—was heavenly. So heavenly, in fact, that she nearly won the little game they were apparently playing by coming all over his face as he sucked her chilly clit until it was warm again after the final visit of the ice. She came so, so close. But in the end he won the game again, and she slumped to the table, defeated and oh so very, very pouty.

“That was the highest reading of all. You were really, really close, weren’t you Katie? And that’s the brightest blush we’ve seen, too. Should I make you come now?”

Was that a rhetorical question?

“If you want to come, Katie, clench that pussy for me.”

What the fuck? Did he expect her to do it on command? Could she even do it on command?

“We both know you’re going to clench very, very hard in a moment, Katie. The longer you pretend not to be my needy little slut, the more likely I am to decide to go fetch another ice cube. Now ask me to make you come, Katie.”

Katie asked him in exactly the way he had demanded to be asked. She couldn’t even say for sure if it had been voluntary or a response to his utterly shameful words, but one way or another she almost broke the speculum.

“Good girl,” he said, and she instantly asked him again in the same way as before.

When he slid the speculum from her dripping pussy, she finally dared to hope that the time had come. Leaning down over her, he rewarded that hope by whispering in her ear, “No more teasing, Katie. You’re going to come for me now. Just the way you’ve always needed to come.”