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Doctor’s Orders by Jaye Elise

Despite a recent breakup which left her feeling more insecure about herself than ever, Janie Michaels decides to throw caution to the winds after meeting Rafe Elliott. The tall, handsome millionaire’s warmth and kindness help her open up to him, but it is his readiness to take charge in the bedroom in a very specific, very embarrassing way that really sets her heart racing.

Rafe’s sprawling estate provides the perfect setting for all of Janie’s naughtiest fantasies, and soon enough she is experiencing the kind of deeply humiliating medical play she has dreamed about for many years. Naked, bound, and on display, she is intimately examined, thoroughly cleansed, and subjected to one treatment after another, each more shameful than the last.

Blushing crimson yet quivering with desire, Janie is brought to one shattering climax after another, and Rafe’s dominant lovemaking leaves her utterly satisfied. Their passion for one another grows more intense by the day, but Rafe has a secret that he cannot keep from her forever. When Janie learns the truth at last, will it tear their newfound romance apart?

Publisher’s Note: Doctor’s Orders includes sexual scenes, spankings, and extensive medical play. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Jaye Elise

eBook Price: $4.95

Length: 63,437 words


He continued his onslaught, counting out her demise as he alternated from cheek to cheek. By the time he made it to nine, Janie’s ass felt like it had been stung by a swarm of hornets and tears began to pool on the stump below her. Yet she remained silent. The only thing that got her through her ordeal was the thought of his handprints spreading across her flesh—from the top of her globes to the crease of her thighs—marking her as his. It hurt like hell, but she wanted it. She needed it.

And just like that, with a throaty twelve, Rafe brought her spanking to an end. But she soon found out that her punishment was far from over. “Don’t move.”

He brushed up against her clit with his index finger, causing her to start, and then traced a line back along her sex, registering her readiness before finishing at her anus. “It seems that you like being spanked. Like being chased. Like being claimed. Like being marked. Tell me, Janie,” he coaxed her, rubbing his finger around her exposed rim, still slick from having her temperature taken.

“Yes, Doctor,” she moaned. “I love it when you chase me, when you discipline me. Make me yours, Rafe. Please,” she begged, all notions of pride or modesty completely obliterated. Right now, she was his and his alone.

He let go of her to undo his jeans, but within moments she felt his gigantic member hovering at the entrance to her pussy, gathering her wetness across the tip. “Hold on tight, my sweet girl. Hold on tight and stay as quiet as you can. I want to see how much of me you can take before you scream.”

With those final words swirling around her head, Rafe slid every last inch of his straining cock into her. He was sheathed to the hilt within seconds and her knuckles had gone white, gripping the edges of the stump for dear life. As the hair on his thighs and abdomen rubbed against her stinging bottom, she stifled a whimper.

But once he flexed his hips and drove himself into her cervix, a small groan escaped her lips. He felt even larger, even deeper than last night.

“Shh. That’s a good girl, taking her fucking so well for her doctor.” He began to thrust in earnest, driving her forward then pulling her back by the hips. “Tell me, Janie. What happens to naughty patients who run from their doctor?”

Through the waves of sweet agony emanating from her pussy and her impending orgasm, she found it in herself to respond through gritted teeth, “Naughty patients get spanked and fucked and claimed by their doctor.”

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