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Dragonlord: A Dark Shifter Romance by Delta James

A dragon does not ask. He takes.

When Bridget set out on her own, she sought freedom from the strict rules of her pack. What she found was a beast more stern and demanding than any alpha wolf, a creature of legend intent on claiming her as his mate and breeding her to bring his kind back into the world. A dragon.

Gideon did not ask the little she-wolf if she wanted to belong to him. It was not up to her. The moment he awoke and smelled the scent of his mate, she became his. He tracked her down, punished her defiance, and then ravaged her until a thousand years of lust was fully slaked.

He did not mark her with his teeth like a wolf. He did not need to. Her body knows its master.


Publisher’s Note: Dragonlord is a stand-alone novel set in the same world as Warlord, Overlord, and Wolflord. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Delta James

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 49,600 words


Bridget began to struggle anew as she saw him reach for the thick two-inch piece of leather and double it in his hand. “No,” she wailed.

“Yes,” he whispered as he raised it in his hand and brought it down hard across both of her butt cheeks, leaving a trail of misery in its wake.

Bridget screamed but it did not stop the strap from striking a second time. She renewed her struggles and fought with every ounce of her strength, but she was no match for her mate. Her mate, for she knew that Gideon was her one true heart… the reason she had always been able to keep a part of herself separate from those at Dundalk. There would be no such hiding place with Gideon. He and Tintagel were her refuge… the place she had been seeking all her life. He welted her twice more as she screamed. Her pain was only exceeded by the need she had to feel the hard cock that was throbbing beneath her buried inside her up to its hilt.

Gideon stopped and stripped her of her clothing. Lifting her in his strong arms, he stood and then positioned her over the rock bench. Without another word, he shoved two fingers up her soaked pussy and stroked her roughly, gathering some of her natural lubricant. She glanced over her shoulder to see him slathering it over his cock. His cock was even more impressive as he was preparing to use it on her. It was enormous with its bulging plates and the dragon’s tongue wrapped tightly around it.

Bridget was quite certain she’d never seen a cock that hard, certainly she’d never seen one made that way. He smiled at her when he saw she was looking at him. Gideon grasped her cheeks and the head probed between her folds until at last he found the entrance to her core. With a mighty groan, he mounted her, sinking all the way to the end of her sheath. She screamed and climaxed from his dominant possession. As unrelentingly as he had spanked her, Gideon began to fuck her with the same zeal. He held her tight as he rammed his cock into her pussy, causing her to hover between pain and ecstasy.

“Gideon,” she screamed as another intense orgasm seized her body and her sheath clamped down on the ramrod pistoning in and out of her.

His cock stretched her cunt while the ridge scored her inner walls as over and over he thrust deep into her. His hips slamming into her red and welted bottom reminded her that this too was part of what he meant to inflict on her to ensure she knew how displeased he was at having to come after her. She knew he meant to prove his prowess and strength and settle in her mind that he was dominant, and she would be his compliant mate. Each time she came, her body produced more lubricant to ease his way. She knew, instinctively, that he intended to make her sore. She only hoped he wouldn’t choose to breed her here in this cavern.

Gideon continued to batter her pussy with his powerful staff. He took harder and longer strokes so that she felt every inch of him as he drove into her and reached her cervix. Had he not been holding her in position, she would have crumpled beneath him. He said nothing but made noises that expressed the pleasure he was getting from her body and her response to him. Bridget had lost count of how many times he had driven her to the very peak of ecstasy and forced her to tumble into the abyss.

She was exhausted physically and emotionally, as he began to plunge faster and more forcefully. She was just tipping over into another climax as his cock released a sea of his cum into her pussy. He grasped her more firmly to him and butted her derriere with his hips as he pumped his seed into her; its heat coated and soothed the ravaged walls of her cunt. When at last he had emptied his last drop into her, he uncoupled from her, giving her punished backside one last hard swat.

“And when we get home, my one true heart, you will take your vows and I will put the first of our offspring in your belly.”

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