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Drastic Measures by Emily Tilton

Drastic MeasuresWhen Robin Reed walks down the aisle with handsome billionaire Oliver Marlowe, she does so knowing that he is an old-fashioned man who will expect his bride’s obedience and submission. But after the first time she ends up over her husband’s knee for a sound spanking on her bare bottom, Robin can’t help wondering whether she has made a mistake.

Determined to ensure that his wife’s needs are properly met, Oliver consults with experts from the Institute and then proposes a bold plan, which Robin hesitantly accepts. In order to help her discover her deeply hidden submissive tendencies, Robin will be brought to the Institute for training. Before she even steps through the door, Robin finds herself blushing crimson as her bottom is thoroughly punished—both inside and out—but it is only once she arrives at the Institute that she truly begins to realize what it means to surrender herself completely to a man.

The pleasure of yielding to her trainer’s mastery of her body quickly prove more intense than she would have thought possible, and Robin is soon yearning for her husband’s skilled, dominant lovemaking. But will the Institute’s usual techniques be enough to teach her to fully embrace her need for submission, or will her situation call for more drastic measures?

Publisher’s Note: Drastic Measures is the ninth book of The Institute Series. The books of The Institute Series are stand-alone novels which can be read in any order. Drastic Measures includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Emily Tilton

eBook Price: $4.95

Length: 48,500 Words


Robin tried to make her mind puzzle out where Oliver might be going with this strange question, but the floating feeling had become much too strong for that. “Yes,” she said. “What kind of program?”

“A special training program, at a place called the Institute.”

“The Institute?” What a funny, generic name for a program that could make her happy.

“Yes. Do you consent to being trained there?”

Again, no hesitation—no possibility of hesitation. “Yes.”

“That makes me very happy, Robin.” He moved his right leg, releasing her, and helped her stand up between his thighs. She looked into his chocolate eyes and she thought she saw there something she had always wanted so see: deep gratitude. What was the Institute? What had she just consented to?

Oliver kissed her, and she tasted in the kiss the salt of the penitent tears she had cried as her husband punished her. When he broke the kiss, he held her close in his arms for a long moment, and then he moved her to arm’s length, his hands on her hips. Her skirt was still up, her panties still down. Robin winced at the thought of pulling them up again and almost felt glad in her certainty that Oliver would now tell her to kneel and suck his cock.

But instead of that familiar command, he said, “Take off all your clothes. Your trainer from the Institute will be here in a few moments.”

“Wh-what?” she asked, confused and very alarmed.

“I think you heard me, Robin. You consented, and now your training will begin. You’ll take off your clothes, or your trainer will take them off for you. You won’t need clothes for the next few days, while they break you.”

“I don’t understand! What kind of trainer? What… what do you mean?” Her heart raced, and her breath came in little pants. The feeling of faintness that came over her had much too much in common with the floating sensation she had felt over his lap.

“You’re going to be trained for my pleasure, Robin, in order to bring out your submission to me fully. By the time I visit you at the Institute, to see how your training is coming along, you will have skills that help you make your master a very happy man in the bedroom. You will serve me with your mouth much more pleasingly than you do now, and I will open your anus with my cock when I prefer to have you that way.”

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