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Dream Daddy by Morganna Williams

Daisy Frazier is nervous about Jethro Morton’s plans for her. She knows the long, hard spanking the handsome police detective has in mind is exactly what she needs to reset her emotions after a painful breakup, but she also knows that when he’s done it won’t be just her bottom that’s sore…

Jethro let Daisy slip through his fingers once before, and she ended up with a lying jerk who broke her heart. But things will be different this time. This time he won’t hold back. This time he won’t hesitate to use and enjoy her beautiful body in ways more shameful than she can imagine.

This time she’ll be calling him daddy.




Publisher’s Note: Dream Daddy includes spankings, rough sexual scenes, intense and humiliating punishments, and strong D/s themes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book. Also note that an earlier version of Dream Daddy was previously published under the title Bruised Not Broken as part of a multi-author collection entitled Daddy’s Demands: Twenty-Five Steamy Daddy Dom Romance Novellas. This new version has been greatly expanded.

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Author: Morganna Williams

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$2.99

Length: 36,200 words


The door opened behind her and it took everything in her not to turn her head to look at Jethro. “I’m glad to see you took me seriously. You can come out of the corner.”

Daisy turned to face him, taking in the still stern expression and the little sack in his hand.

“Tell me what happens to naughty little girls, Daisy,” he said quietly.

“Naughty little girls get their bare bottoms spanked,” she said quickly.

“What else happens to naughty girl’s bottoms?” Jethro queried.

She swallowed hard, her eyes darting back to the sack in his hand and then to the dildo resting innocuously on the arm of the couch and back again with her heart hammering in her chest.

“Daisy?” His brow arched warningly.

“Naughty little girls get their bottoms punished inside and out,” Daisy whispered hoarsely.

“Good answer.” Jethro pulled a small bottle from the bag. “Ginger oil.”

Daisy gasped as her eyes darted nervously from the bottle to the dildo again.

“That’s right, little girl. I’m going to fuck that naughty little ass with your toy after I lube it with ginger oil.”

Daisy’s bottom clenched reflexively at his words.

“I’m sorry, Daddy,” she said in a rush.

“I’m sure you are, baby, but I intend to make sure you never touch that phone while you’re driving again,” Jethro said sternly.

“I won’t, I promise,” Daisy murmured earnestly.

A firm hand cupped her chin and lifted her face until she was looking up into his eyes. “Do you know why I’m being so harsh with you, baby?”

Tears filled her eyes again and she whispered, “Because you love me?”

“Yes, baby girl, I love you and the thought of a world without you is unacceptable.” Jethro gave her a swift kiss then let her go. “I want you to bend back over the arm of the couch and hold your bottom cheeks open wide for me.”

Daisy flushed with embarrassment but moved quickly to comply with his instructions. Taking a deep breath, she caught a sore cheek in each hand and pulled them wide apart. She shuddered, knowing Jethro could see everything from her swollen and wet slit to her quivering asshole. It was embarrassing but also exhilarating to be submitting so completely to her man… her daddy.

“Good girl,” Jethro said as he stroked a gentle hand down her back. Then she felt his fingers slick with something oily pressing into her ass, working the oil deep inside as he pumped them in and out of her.

As his fingers moved inside of her, she began to become aware of a deep burning tingle building inside her bottom. “Oooh!”

“Feeling that ginger, aren’t you, little girl?” he asked almost conversationally.

Well, of course she was! Daisy knew better than to respond that way though. “Yes, Daddy! Oh, it burns!”

“Good,” was all he said before his fingers were withdrawn and something larger pressed against her tender little hole. “Press back.”

Daisy gave a wheezy little whine as she pressed back dutifully and the large dildo slowly sank into her tight little hole. He worked it in and out of her slowly as she stretched to accommodate the big cock.

Once it was fully seated, Daisy couldn’t help but wriggle her bottom as the ginger oil began to sink into her sensitive inner tissues. “Oooh, Daddy!”

In response to her plea she felt him began to withdraw the dildo and a trickle of wetness as he applied even more of the ginger oil. “I intend to make sure this message really sinks in.”

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