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Fervor: A Dark Sci-Fi Menage Romance by Stella Rising

First they’ll take what they need from me. Then they’ll take whatever they want.

When the Homefront attacked, I thought it was my chance to escape. After being forced to work for a power-mad general, employing my skills to make his soldiers more effective in battle, I tried to free myself, but I failed. My rescuers have become my captors, and now two warriors renowned for their ferocity plan to make full use of not only my mind, but my body as well.

Bared, bound, and helpless, I will tell them everything they want to know or face the most shameful forms of punishment and persuasion imaginable. Yet as one screaming climax after another is ripped from my naked, quivering body, I find myself wondering not just whether these brutes will let me go once they have what they need from me, but if I’ll even want them to…

Publisher’s Note: Fervor includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Stella Rising

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 45,400 words


I buck against Rune’s grasp, but he doesn’t budge an inch.

“Behave,” he whispers into my ear. “We can keep this up all day. Can you?”

Trembling, I whine as Kozsa’s swollen rod parts my lips. My mind races at the idea of doing this for hours and hours… Being tossed back and forth… having all my holes used, again and again…

Then I feel a finger slide into my drenched folds. I squeal, shaking in place, eliciting a laugh from Rune.

“Get her up, she’s ready,” he says.

Together they lift me to my feet, while keeping me bent over, so that my mouth doesn’t lose contact with Kozsa’s cock. With my ass raised in the air, my arms still pinned to my back, I’m completely at their mercy. I hear clothes shifting and falling, then Rune’s cock presses into my slick channel. Moaning with abandon, I stop sucking for a time—I can’t focus on the job while Rune’s cock spreads me open. His manhood feels at least as big as Kozsa’s as it sinks in deep. Overwhelmed by the extreme sensations, I writhe in place. I can’t imagine feeling any more stuffed.

“Hey, don’t stop sucking,” Rune says, giving my ass a slap. “We’re just getting started.”

Summoning my strength, powered by the growing euphoria in my warmth, I continue pleasuring Kozsa. At the same time, Rune thrusts with long, deep strokes; each one sends new curls of pleasure racing through my body.

Rune sighs happily, slowing his rhythm for a moment. “Okay, Nell, let’s see how you handle an excess of stimulation. For science.”

As he speaks, Kozsa reaches down to fondle my breasts, rubbing my nipples with his thumbs before pinching them. Rune slips his fingers down to my clit, brushing it and awakening the eruption within me.

“She’s going to come,” says Kozsa, letting go of a breast to fist my hair.

“Fuck, yeah, she is.”

Rune begins pounding relentlessly, releasing my orgasm like turning a faucet; my ecstasy gushes out. I cough as Kozsa starts using my mouth in sync with Rune hammering my pussy. Shrieking, I let myself go—a vessel for pleasure without any care or concern, until it all suddenly stops.

Both men withdraw at once, leaving me feeling empty—and still ready to climax again. I don’t have time to complain or beg for more; the men pick me up and turn me around.

Seeing Rune’s cock coated in my juices, I realize what’s about to happen. He shoves my face onto his rod at the same time Kozsa drives into me from behind. Rune’s package muffles my howl as I taste myself, and as Kozsa’s mammoth erection fills me completely.

“Are you enjoying yourself, Nell?” Rune asks, pulling my hair. “Is this what you needed?”

I moan, wanting to shake my head, but I don’t stop sucking on Rune’s cock.

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