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Filthy Rogue: A Rough Romance by Piper Stone

He’s rough. He’s dangerous. And he takes what he wants.

Losing my job to a woman who slept her way to the top was bad enough, and that was before my car broke down as I drove cross country to start over. Having to be rescued by an infuriatingly sexy biker who promptly bared and spanked me for sassing him was just icing on the cake.

After sharing a passionate night, I might have made a teensy mistake in taking cash from his wallet in order to pay the auto mechanic, but I hadn’t thought I’d ever see him again…

Then on the first day at my new job, guess who swaggered in with payback on his mind?

He’s living proof that the universe really is out to get me… and he’s my new boss.

Publisher’s Note: Filthy Rogue includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Piper Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 89,000 words


Just as she started to issue another retort, I gave her four smacks in rapid succession. She jumped, kicking out her leg, twisting her body.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!”

“Just for that, I’m adding five more.”

“No! Please.”

“Then thank me nicely for giving you exactly what you need.”

Her eyes opened wide and if she had an icepick, she’d have used it by now. Frowning, her nostrils flared as she tried to get enough air into her lungs. “Thank you for giving me what I need.”

What she really wanted to say was that she had hopes of scratching out my eyes.

“With respect.”

“You are such a… Thank you for giving me what I desperately need, sir. Please continue the spanking. I’ll be a very good girl.”

“That’s more like it.” I moved closer, rubbing the rough pads of my fingers on one side then the other, the heat already building. I was a damn bad man. I adored the red marks on her butt. And just how swollen her pretty pink pussy was. A part of her was actually enjoying this.

I continued the spanking, smacking her six times then stopping. I could tell tears had welled up in her eyes, but to her credit, she’d been able to stay in position. She shifted her hips back and forth and damn it if her desire wasn’t wafting into the ugly small room. My cock twitched, my balls tightening.

When I dared to caress her bottom again, a single moan slipped past her luscious lips. Her pussy was glistening, her hard nipples poking through the material of her top. I forced myself to look away briefly. “You’re aroused by this. That tells me you’ve known for a long time that discipline was good for you.”

“That’s crazy. I can’t stand you. Why would I want this?”

I crossed several lines, thrusting a single finger past her swollen folds, pumping several times. She arched her back, her eyes half closing as she moaned again.

When I removed my finger, I almost lost control, fucking her like a wild dog. Fortunately, I was able to hold my finger into the light. “See, sweetheart? You’re very wet.”


“Open your mouth.”

“You’re crazy.”

“Five more added to your sentence.”

She opened her mouth in a hurry. When I shoved my finger inside, she immediately clamped her lips around it without me asking her to.

“That’s a good girl. I never lie, Sassy. Never. It just ain’t a good thing to do.”

I resumed the spanking seconds later, taking my time to cover every inch of the real estate on her bottom as well as the tops of her thighs. She jerked and kicked out several times, but held her own, taking her punishment like a good girl. I was satisfied that she’d remember the spanking for at least the rest of the day. I doubted she’d be comfortable sitting on the rest of her trip.

After the last one, I started to slide the strap back through the loops when I lifted my head, staring into her sultry eyes. Goddamn it. I couldn’t help myself. She was a temptation that I couldn’t avoid. As I started unfastening my jeans, she shifted her gaze in the mirror.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m going to fuck you, sweetheart, only this time, I’m fucking you in the ass. That’s what bad girls deserve.”