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For His Pleasure by Vonna Harper

Asia Kandell had all but given up on finding the kind of man who could truly set her heart racing, but everything changes when she throws caution to the winds and agrees to play the role of a very special birthday present for handsome, dominant former professional baseball player Ritter Brandt.

Upon finding Asia in his hotel room naked, bound, and blindfolded, Ritter wastes no time in exploring her beautiful, helplessly exposed body. Aroused and on display, Asia cannot help confessing her deepest, darkest fantasies, and soon she is promising to obey her new master as her bare bottom is spanked hard and thoroughly. But once he has punished her as he sees fit and taken her in any way he pleases, will their passion be strong enough to lead to a lasting romance?

Publisher’s Note: For His Pleasure includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Vonna Harper

eBook Price: $2.99

Length: 23,700 Words


Before she could guess what he had in mind, he grabbed her around the waist and lifted her, turning her as he did. She came down with her belly on his lap, her now closed legs on one side of him and her upper body on the other. Thanks to his strength, he’d easily put her in position to toy with her ass—or to spank her.

“So far I haven’t had your full attention.” He pressed a splayed palm over her right buttock. “You’ve entertained yourself by spinning out a scenario that makes you the center of your universe. My guess is you were in charge of things back when it came to deciding how you’d present yourself to me. I can’t see my friends even suggesting they tie you up.”

“I—don’t remember, Master.”

“The hell you don’t.”

Not breathing, she waited for him to continue. Instead, he crisply slapped one ass cheek and then the other. It stung. A lot. Without use of her limbs, she couldn’t stop him from anything and everything he wanted to do to her.

The thought stole her breath and dampened her channel.

“Do I have your attention?” he demanded.

“Yes, Master.”

“I doubt it.” He repeatedly swatted her, the blows stinging so much she yelped.

“Save your breath.” He continued to pepper her now burning buttocks. “I’m not buying your sniveling.”

“What-what do you want, Master?”

“For you—” He took hold of her bound wrists and lifted her arms, which improved his access to her butt, “to get through your head that any and all direction our time together takes is up to me. You belong to me—” He landed several sharp blows that forced another yelp from her. “Not the other way around.”

“I’m sorry. Sorry.”

“Are you?”

His hand was tireless, landing time after time. She shuddered and twitched, her toes digging into the carpet. Knowing she couldn’t get out of this predicament was unnerving. At the same time, the heat he’d created in her buttocks was seeping throughout her.

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