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The Forbidden Castle Fortifies an Amazon Top 100!

top100_theforbiddencastleDinah McLeod‘s newest release, The Forbidden Castle, is guarding the battlements of Amazon’s Top 100 list for Fantasy Erotica. Congratulations, Dinah!

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★★★★★ Rapid Reader @ “Fun and enchanting!” December 26, 2014
By Rapidreader
Enchanting! I loved this fascinating little fairy tale. Right from the start I didn’t like Geoffery. Arrogant and full of himself I knew Amiee could do better. And she does when she meets Alderic, the firm but sexy stable hand. I would recommend this book for anyone who enjoys a stirring, yet enchanting tale.

★★★★★ SH @ “Loved it!” December 26, 2014
This is a great play on one of my favorite fairy tales, however I am not going to tell which one, you will have to see for yourself. 🙂 Aimee is blinded by her misguided love for Geoffrey and it takes quite a bit for her to see reason. I could not stand Geoffrey right from the beginning and with very good reasons. Aimee, by following an order by Geoffrey, finds her own happiness in her life with someone who is worthy of her love. Very nicely done!!

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