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Forced to Cooperate: A Dark Bratva Romance by Piper Stone

I’m going to make her pay. Then I’m going to make her mine.

Willow Church is not the first person who tried to put a bullet in me. She’s just the first I let live. Now she will pay the price in the most shameful way imaginable. The stripes from my belt will teach her to obey, but what happens to her sore, red bottom after that will teach the real lesson.

She will be used mercilessly, over and over, and every brutal climax will remind her of the humiliating truth: she never even had a chance against me. Her body always knew its master.




Publisher’s Note: Forced to Cooperate is a stand-alone novel which is the third entry in the Mafia Masters series. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Piper Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 84,600 words


“I’m going to train you in several ways,” I said quietly, no inflection in my tone.

After sucking in her breath, she dared to dart a glance in my direction. I eased the handle of the quirt into my pocket, moving in front of her in order for her to see the rubber plug, red in color, the hue I anticipated her bottom would be after the intense round of discipline. A single whimper slipped past her mouth before she pursed her lips, blinking several times.

“You will wear this until I say otherwise. As time moves forward, the plugs will become larger.” I held the anal toy in front of her eyes, twisting and turning the piece in the dim light. I could see her increasing anxiety, could hear her ragged breathing. “Do you understand?”

“Yes. Sir,” she hissed after a few seconds.

I allowed an exaggerated breath before moving behind her. “Bend over and open your ass cheeks for me.”

“But…” Her expression shifted into one of stubbornness again, her mouth twisting in order to hold back a retort. Her actions stiff, she bent over, reaching around and pulling her delectable cheeks apart, exposing her rosy hole.

My cock ached to the point I was forced to adjust, my balls tight as drums. I ran the tips of my fingers down the crack of her ass, pressing my thumb against her asshole. The moment I pushed the tip just inside, her legs quivered. “Relax, Willow, and this will be much easier.”

Goosebumps had popped along her skin and she dipped her head low. There was no doubt she was completely embarrassed, humiliated about the upcoming experience.

Allowing a slight growl, I positioned the rubber end at her entrance, pressing my other hand on the small of her back as I guided the plug in slowly, twisting back and forth gently.

Willow was unable to hold back a whimper, almost falling forward as I pushed the toy past her tight ring of muscle.

“Oh, God,” she whispered.

“Breathe for me. The pain will subside, leaving you with a delicious and very full feeling.” I took my time until the plug was completely in position, turning once more before tapping her bottom. “Excellent. You can stand. Remember, you’re not to remove this other than when necessary.”

“Yes, sir,” she barked, straightening up and taking several gulping breaths.

I eased the quirt into my hand and took a step back, admiring my work. She would learn soon enough that I was her master. I coiled a portion before moving around to face her again, eager to see her reaction. Once again, there was no obvious sign of distress of any kind. “Do you know what this is?”

She allowed her eyes to fall. “I believe that’s a quirt, sir.”

There was no avoiding the smile that crept along my face. “And how do you know that?”

“You’d be surprised what I know, sir.”

I shook my head, barely able to contain my desire as I brushed the leather portion across her chest, allowing the two ends to fall close to her pussy. Almost instantly, goosebumps popped along her arms, a slight skip in her breath.

“This is a very special implement, one I’ve owned for many years,” I half whispered, my tone huskier than normal.

“To use on all your arm candy. Sir?”

I rolled it under her arm, moving around behind her, tracing her backbone in a slow and steady motion. When I reached the crack of her ass, I allowed the two strands to linger, rubbing them up and down.


Her yelp was more out of surprise, but she rolled onto her tiptoes from the single slice across her bottom.

“I suggest you remember your place, sweet Willow.” I continued my path, sliding the ends down the length of her leg and back up the other. “As I mentioned before, I can provide you with pleasure or pain. You’d be surprised how much of both this simple leather strap can bring.”

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