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Frantic: A Dark Reverse Harem Romance by Sara Fields

I’m about to be claimed in front of the whole city, but not until they’ve made me beg for it.

Naked, bound, and helplessly on display, my arousal drips down my bare thighs and pools at my feet as the entire city watches, waiting for the inevitable. I’m going into heat, and they know it.

When the feral beasts who live outside the walls find me, they will show my virgin body no mercy. With my need growing more desperate by the second, I’m not sure I’ll want them to…

By the time the brutes arrive to claim and ravage me, I’m going to be absolutely frantic.



Publisher’s Note: Frantic is the second book of The Omegaborn Trilogy. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Sara Fields

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$3.95

Length: 49,900 words


“Your pussy is so well used, omega, but I don’t think you’ve been punished enough,” he replied, and I shook with both nervousness and lust at the stern and disappointed edge to his tone.

“Please, have mercy,” I pleaded, and he simply chuckled in response. I knew then that I wasn’t going to receive any sympathy from him.

“Bad little omegas get their naughty little bottoms fucked,” he said firmly. “Bend over, grip those ass cheeks, and show me where you deserve to be fucked,” he demanded, and I cried out with shame just at his words.

“I cannot,” I replied, flushed with embarrassment.

“You can and you will. If you don’t obey, you’ll be punished over my knee for the entire city to see,” he threatened, and I couldn’t help myself as I sucked in a breath in shock. He wouldn’t. He couldn’t. He growled softly in warning and my pussy gushed with even more arousal.

I closed my eyes and felt him reach out to take my wrist, but I moaned shamefully and begged him to wait.

“Please. Just give me a moment,” I pleaded, and his fingers left my skin. I took whatever courage I had left and turned my body around. I knelt down and took a breath before I leaned forward and gripped the cheeks of my ass. My upper body pressed against the smooth wood of the stage and I turned my head as I lifted my hips toward the sky. Ravick gently knocked my knees wider, spreading my body for him as I slowly revealed myself to him.

I moaned with shame as I dragged my cheeks apart, showcasing my naughty little asshole to him. The sun burned down on me and the ball of desire in my belly curled with lust, cramping within me and demanding my full attention.

I was so lost in my desires, I was helpless to them.

I was an omega and I was about to be fucked by my alpha.

I felt so humiliated and turned on at the same time. I knew the crowd watching my punishment would be shocked and amused by my behavior. The next time I looked into their faces, I would see scorn and their own pride and the fact that they thought they were better than me, above me even. In that moment though, I didn’t care. None of that mattered.

Closing my eyes, I imagined that it was just me and Ravick. I told myself that it was just the two of us so that I could handle how really shameful and terrible this all really was.

I bit my lip, stilling as I lewdly spread myself for my alphas’ desire. All three of them.

“Look at that tight little hole, men. Doesn’t it look like it needs to be fucked good and hard?” Ravick asked thoughtfully as Garret and Lothgar crossed their arms not far from me. I opened my eyes and saw them watching me, saw them as they admired my naked form, and I moaned quietly into the wood beneath me. My pussy tightened and I knew that all three of them could see the effect his words were having on me. My core cramped hard once more and then I felt another rush of slick drip down my thighs.

Whatever this was, I needed it. All of it. I needed all of them.

They’d know without a doubt that I was aroused by being treated in such a rough and shameful fashion. They’d know I wanted it and that I craved it. They’d know that now that I’d experienced what it meant to be an omega for the very first time, that I could never be the same. That I’d beg for them all to fuck me again and again.

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