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Gideon’s Redemption Makes Top 100!

top100_gideonsredemptionNot only has Gideon’s Redemption made the Amazon Top 100 List in the Erotica category, Stormy Night Publications is also proud to announce that Maddie Taylor is also currently a Top 100 Erotica Author on Amazon! We’re very proud of Maddie and her newest release!

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Come see what people are already saying about this book!

★★★★★  (Avid Reader) “This one will keep you warm this winter.

Just when I thought Maddie Taylor couldn’t out-do herself, SHE DID! The action, danger, and of course Gideon himself had me on edge the whole way through. This one is a love story to truly fall in love with. The bad guy manager is a real jerk but fate seems to rectify things even if it is 9 years later. I was really glad to see him get what he deserved in the end.
The compassion between this couple is great and to watch the love and tenderness they once shared re-blossom was heartwarming. Well more than heartwarming, other things got warm too while reading this book.
For those who enjoy romance, love and a bit of bottom warming don’t let this one slip through your fingers.

★★★★★  (noangel) “Everything and a lot more”

This is a great story well written great plot It has danger romance suspense action did I say romance Miss Taylor has once again out done herself seems it story she writes is even better then the last This book keeps you on the edge of your seat turning the pages just wanting to see what happens next this is a must read one you don’t want to miss

★★★★★  (_SH) “Excellent Romance!”

I have a very short list of authors in which I read everything they write and Maddie Taylor is definitely on that list. My first experience with her writing was her Club Decadence series, which I adore and am patiently (or not so patiently) 🙂 waiting for another installment, and I enjoyed myself immensely and I frankly just must read everything she writes. She has the ability to weave a story with so much detail, wonderful plots, and truly memorable characters that you can picture it exactly in your mind.

This book is a wonderful story with romance, love, some danger and a whole lotta spice! I adore Gideon’s character because he is so alpha it is pouring off of the pages and Shannon is her own worst enemy but eventually sees the error of her ways. I so wanted to punch that band manager in the face, don’t want to spoil anything here, but he definitely deserves it 🙂

This is a great read and if you haven’t read any of Ms. Taylor’s books yet then what are you waiting for. Jump on in, I guarantee you won’t regret it. I received this book from Stormy Night Publications as an Advanced Reader Copy. Hmmm I don’t understand why my reviews show as an Amazon Customer all of the sudden, I went in and changed it back to SH, sheesh!

★★★★★  (Patty Devlin) “The name below the title says it all.

If you’ve read any Maddie Taylor’s books you have a whole new standard and won’t accept anything less. Gideon’s Redemption won’t let you down. A strong dominant and did I mention sexy, oh and Rockstar- are you panting and breathless yet? Every girl dreams about a hunky heart throb and of course when Shannon lands him, she has her own insecurities. Gideon isn’t going to let her get away again and he knows just how to bring her around to his way of thinking. She’ll have to learn to trust him… but that has been the problem all along. You better get your fan ready or maybe just take a cold shower first- wait, that’s no fun, have your partner handy- you’ll need him when you’re done reading this book.

★★★★★  (MissyGirl “MG”) “As Hot and Sexy as you’d expect from Maddie Taylor,”

I LOVED Gideon! Does he have a brother? This was a great second chance romance. After being split apart by a terrible mistake, fate brings them together again and it is explosive, sex, drama, passion, spanks and of course a villain you just want to kick in the… well you get the picture. I would have liked to see it go on forever. The only thing left to say is when is the next one coming out? I love anything by Maddie Taylor.

★★★★★  (Chloe) “Another HOT One”

Maddie Taylor is one of those authors that I watch for and scoop up with no questions asked. This one, as usual, was romantic, sweet, had humor, a good back story and bad guy you love to hate. Best of all, the alpha hero was HOT and made you fall in love with him, right along with the heroine. The couple has a second chance at love, after splitting up for 10 years. I loved that. The only thing I didn’t like is that it was over too soon. Thanks MT for helping me escape for a little.

★★★★★  (Kathleen Bodnar) “Another great story by Maddie Taylor”

I’ve read about 5 of her books and love everyone. She really makes you appreciate and connect with the characters. Can’t wait for her next book

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