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Given to the Club By Emily Tilton

Upon being informed by her new guardian that it is time for him to take full control of her virgin body to begin preparing her for marriage, eighteen-year-old Helena Breverton rebels. Despite her attempts at defiance, however, she soon finds herself standing naked before the men of his private club for a humiliating interrogation and an even more shameful reminder of her place.

With her bare bottom still burning from a painful dose of the strap, the firm-handed gentlemen take turns showing Helena the many ways a naughty girl can be punished, used, and enjoyed. But they plan to do much more than just teach her a stern lesson. By the time they are finished with Helena she will not only be ready for a husband to master her, she will be begging for it.



Publisher’s Note: Given to the Club is a stand-alone entry in the Galactic Discipline series. The books of the Galactic Discipline series can be read in any order. Given to the Club includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Emily Tilton

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 48,000 words


“Good girl,” I heard Gerard murmur behind and above me. “You like it, don’t you? You like it in your bottom.”

But I couldn’t say it… I couldn’t say the thing I had myself thought only the previous instant.

“No,” I whispered, though I knew he could tell I did not speak the truth, and I didn’t intend to deceive him really. My only power lay in the deception I could still perpetrate with my words and my silence.

For a moment Gerard didn’t respond; instead he gripped the belt around my waist more tightly and pushed his rigid penis deeper into my smallest place. I jerked a little under him, and cried out in discomfort and desperate need, feeling that my true punishment had begun at last.

From somewhere to the side, a soft beeping sounded from the horrible controller.

“Don’t lie to me, Helena,” my guardian said. “Your governor will tell me when you lie.”

I felt him shift his weight a little, and his right hand left the belt. The fingers traveled down between my legs, and when I understood what he meant to do I cried out even before Gerard found the new wetness in my vagina and spread it forward to my aching clitoris.

Then I screamed, so loudly that I felt sure every gentleman in Drake’s could hear, and would understand immediately what had occurred in the chamber of pleasure. A girl, a treasonous girl, had just climaxed with her master’s hardness up her bottom. Her guardian had begun to move in and out of her littlest place, had begun to use her in the most degrading way, even as he brought what seemed a never-ending, infinitely submissive orgasm to her wanton cunny.

“Oh, no… no,” I sobbed, feeling that somehow the enunciation of some fruitless refusal might excuse the wayward pleasure I felt.

“Yes, my darling,” Gerard said. “Yes. Push up your bottom. Give yourself completely.”

His fingers made me obey, the intensity of the sensation still so much greater than when he had turned my governor down. He had called me darling for the first time, my floating mind realized with a thrill of warm affection that went through my whole body. With his cock in my anus, he had called me darling.

I heard him grunt, as if my final yielding had given him a special pleasure. I screamed again, for he commenced to ride my bottom hard, and I sobbed as I felt his lap come up against my cheeks over and over, filling me completely. Then, suddenly, Gerard’s rhythm changed, and I understood that he must at last be on the verge of his own climax.

His hand underneath fondled my pussy so gently, even as he thrust so hard into my anus. I felt his cock pulse, his hips jerk. He gave a shout that seemed to burst from him like a thunderclap, and held still with his left hand firmly on my hip, covering the belt and also stroking my skin, as if he meant to remind me of how I had come into his power and the power of his club, how I would from henceforth be not a pampered bride but a bound plaything.

He withdrew his hardness slowly from my bottom. For the first time I felt how a man’s penis softens after he has taken his pleasure, and I felt gratitude to nature for it, since my guardian had used my little ring so roughly. To my surprise, Gerard became tender, now; he laid me down upon the bed and lay down beside me, and took me in his arms.

He held my cheek against his firm chest, and another first thing overwhelmed my senses: the massiveness of his muscular frame and the feeling of his naked skin against mine. His lips pressed against the top of my head in a kiss that took me by surprise, and then even more astonishingly Gerard turned my face up to his so he could move that kiss to my lips, as his hand held my bottom, the place he had trained me so strictly, as if to remind me of my terrible lesson.

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