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Given to the Major by Emily Tilton

For the Magisterian Federation, the military subjugation of Sara’s planet was only part of the price her people will pay for their defiance. As the beautiful public relations specialist is about to learn in a very personal way, for a conquest to be fully complete it must be utterly humiliating.

Having been carefully selected by the invaders, Sara will be stripped bare, spanked soundly, and paraded naked and blushing before her neighbors on the way to the facility where she will be thoroughly and intimately examined. Then, with every helpless climax being broadcast to the entire planet, she will be roughly and shamefully ravaged by the man who will soon own her.



Publisher’s Note: Given to the Major is a stand-alone entry in the Galactic Discipline series. The books of the Galactic Discipline series can be read in any order. Given to the Major includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Emily Tilton

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 66,000 words


“Sara,” Doctor Greenway said, though, “open your eyes, please, and look in the mirror. A girl with an arousal profile like yours can benefit greatly from watching how a physician prepares her for sexual training—especially if she’s going to receive a governor as part of that preparation.”

The aftershocks of the climax he had just denied me still sent waves of need through my lower body. I felt tears form again at the corners of my eyes at the mention of the governor. Helpless to do anything else, trying to maintain the strange fiction that it had all befallen another woman and that the doctor would soon install the terrible device on another woman’s clit, I opened my eyes and looked at the mirror.

Major Harrow held it in the same place he had before. The illumination from the light on the doctor’s forehead made it all much too easy to see, though I had never looked before at that inaccessible region, the one that no one should ever see, that a girl should only touch to keep herself clean. To my distress, I watched my inner lips contract again, and I whimpered at the aching pulse of need that accompanied it on the inside.

Not my body. But…

I looked up at the major. His eyes had once again fixed themselves on my face. His expression pulled me back into myself, because I couldn’t escape the idea that this man, despite the qualities I had spent my whole life so far thinking objectionable—unacceptable, atavistic, corrosive—seemed to see me in a way no one else ever had. A way I craved despite myself.

Yes, my body, my heart seemed to plead with my mind.

“Look at your cunny for me, Sara,” his voice said, his mouth smiling as he spoke despite the degradation of the words. “Look how pretty it is with no hair on it—and look how wet it got.”

I obeyed, and I choked back a sob of arousal as I saw what he told me to see.

“Look how adorable your little anus is, too,” said my guardian. “We’re going to take our time training your bottom.”

“That’s the best way,” the doctor agreed. “Especially from a medical standpoint. After a few weeks of regular anal intercourse she won’t remember why she put up such a fuss the first time you penetrated her there.”

I didn’t want to give either of them an excuse to tell me to look in the mirror again, so I tried to fix my eyes on its white plastic frame, but Doctor Greenway’s condescending words seemed to force my attention back to the forbidden place they had decided to explain to me this way. To make it worse, the doctor put his fingertip there, as if illustrating his point: I could see him touch me there, in the mirror, and I let out a tiny whimper as he pushed gently.

“See, Sara?” he asked. “That feels pleasant, I know. Especially for a girl like you who fantasizes about a master’s dominance over your body.”