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Governing His Bride by Emily Tilton

Governing His BrideAfter she catches the eye of William Verner at a dance on the colony world of Prosperia, nineteen-year-old Priscilla Auden’s assigned guardian oversees her courtship with him. Though Priscilla is clearly taken with her rich, handsome suitor, when she is caught pleasuring herself after her first kiss her behavior must be addressed.

During a thorough, intimate pre-marital examination, it is explained to Priscilla that after her wedding it will be the right of her husband to govern her pleasure as he sees fit. To ensure her complete submission in such matters, from now on she will wear a device which will give William the ability to control her body’s response to sexual stimulation.

Though he fell in love with Priscilla the moment he saw her, William is well aware that teaching his little wife obedience will be no easy task. It will require not only firm discipline, but also skillful mastery of her body. If she behaves well, he will show her pleasure beyond anything she has ever imagined, but when she has been naughty she will ache for the slightest bit of arousal as her bare bottom is soundly and painfully spanked.

Yet despite the best efforts of the colony’s leadership, rebellion is brewing on Prosperia, and after Priscilla witnesses an erotic display by ungoverned renegades she is emboldened to defy her husband. Will the stern punishment which results be sufficient to tame her, or will William decide to cast aside propriety and let his bride run wild?

Publisher’s Note: Governing His Bride is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, medical play, BDSM content, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Emily Tilton

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 54,900 words


He put his hands out to receive her, and she felt his touch on her body for the first time separated only by the thin fabric of her shift, blushing again to know that soon he would make her take that off, just as he would soon lower her drawers and see her naked bottom. He guided her silently to his right side, then laid her down, trembling, over his lap. Upended, with her backside the highest part of her, Priscilla felt a tremor of fear and shame go through her body, but mingled so thoroughly with arousal that she couldn’t help a whimper that seemed to express all three things.

“Please, sir,” she said.

“What are you asking for, darling?” William’s voice came from high above her, and she thought again about the moment she had knelt, looking up at him, feeling that she wished only to worship this godlike, handsome man in hope that he might permit her to please him. He adjusted her on his lap, putting his left arm around her waist and raising her bottom so that her head hung down further and even her toes came off the floor. She felt so small, and William seemed so big and strong. She whimpered again, a tiny sound from the back of her throat.

She hardly knew what her please had meant, but she said in a whisper, “Please, not very hard,” even though just a moment before she had caught herself longing for him to be severe with her.

“Don’t be silly, Priscilla. I must spank you hard. You must learn your lesson. When I require you to undress, you will undress.”

He pulled her shift up.

“I shall lower your drawers now, darling. I want you to think about what it means when a husband must bare his wife’s bottom for punishment. Through your disobedience you have forfeited your right to be covered before me when I instruct you in your duty. Now you must have a lesson over my knee, with your underwear down.”

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