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Gray: A Dark Romance by Measha Stone

In life, my only pleasure is collecting rare, beautiful things.

Nothing, and no one, is more exquisitely beautiful than her.
When she plays the violin, I can feel her fingers along my skin.
I ache to hear her sweet pleas as I show her what it means to be owned by me.
And I will own her… body and soul.

I have savored watching her from afar, knowing that soon, she would be mine.
Bound. Breathless. Vulnerable.

She will be under my complete control.

Tonight, I will emerge from the shadows to finally claim her.
My soul is already damned, I want to taste heaven before I descend to hell.

Publisher’s Note: This novella includes spankings, rough sexual scenes, intense and humiliating punishments, and strong D/s themes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Measha Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$3.95

Length: 31,000 words


The first lash breaks through every expectation I held before it lands across my cheeks. I howl, raising myself up on my toes. Did I really think he’d be anything except cruel now? He is my abductor. Why would he not make this as painful as possible?

“Now is as good a time as any to go over the rules.” His words are lost among my cry after the second strike of the supple leather.

“It hurts, Dorian!” I cry out, throwing my arm behind me, hoping to shield my upturned ass from the beast he’s unleashed against me.

“It looks like it does,” he agrees with me then grabs my wrist and wrangles it to the small of my back, pinning it there. “These red marks are beautiful against your creamy skin.” He trails the tip of a finger along what I assume is the mark he’s talking about.

“Now, the rules.” His finger is gone, and another lash connects. I rise up further on my toes. If I weren’t wearing my running shoes, I would be slipping all over the carpet. I suppose I should be grateful for the extra grip these damn shoes offer.

“Please stop!” I wiggle my hips to one side, but he easily pushes me back flat on my stomach. His elbow digs into my wrist, pinning it to my back while he wraps the rest of his arm around my waist to tuck me against his body.

“I will stop once the lesson is learned.” The belt comes down again and again and again. My cries wither away to moans. My mind can’t process anything outside the blinding pain of the punishment he is hellbent on giving.

“While you are here, Sylvia, you will be obedient.” The belt strikes at the lowest point of my ass and a new, white-hot pain sears into my flesh. “You will be truthful.” Again, the same spot is hit. “You will be respectful, which means no yelling, no cursing, no stomping or pouting.” Each dictate earns another slap of the belt and by the time he’s finished, I’m breathless.

But something much worse is happening as the spanking continues. My body softens to him; it warms in places that should be shut down right now.

“Do you understand what I’ve said, Sylvia?” His question cuts through my heart thrashing in my ears and I realize the spanking has stopped. The belt has been replaced by his hand, gently stroking my throbbing ass. He’s fully seated on the bed beside me, his elbow no longer digging into my arm.

“You want me to be a good girl for you, is that right?” I can’t hide the snark; I’m scared and when I’m fearful my attitude is harder to keep in check.

He chuckles. “I do, yes. That’s precisely it.” He pats my cheek. “But when it calls for it, I will want you to be my very bad girl too.” His nails dig into my thigh, and I hiss as he drags them up toward the tender spots of my ass. “Like that, yes,” he praises.

I drop my forehead to the bed, taking in breaths and trying to calm my body. It seems every nerve ending has come alive, bombarding my senses. He slides off of the bed. I’m sure he’s leaving now, and I can plot his murder in peace.

Only he’s not done with me. His hands are on my ass cheeks, pulling them apart. I start, clenching my body instantly.

“I’m making things better for you, Sylvia. Don’t fight me on this.” It’s a warning I’m inclined to accept given the throbbing of my ass.

His tongue touches my clit and once more my body is rocketed to full alert. I push up to my tiptoes again, unsure which is greater—the pain of my cheeks or the pleasure between my legs.

“Shhh, that’s my good girl.” He moves again, and I realize that he’s on his knees behind me. His tongue swirls around my swollen clit and then swipes through my folds. I fist my hands, clench my eyes, trying everything to block out what he’s doing to me.

“So wet,” he mutters against my pussy. “You’re so wet for me. I knew you would be.”