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Guardian Daddy by Morganna Williams

When Abigail Lassiter witnesses a crime with links to the Russian mafia, it is Vincent Jericho who is tasked with protecting her. Vincent is the kind of man who demands obedience and doesn’t take no for answer, and Abigail will be coming with him whether she likes it or not.

She’ll also be calling him daddy.

Abigail isn’t used to doing as she’s told, and it isn’t long before she finds herself over Vincent’s knee with her bottom bare for a very stern reminder of who is in charge. But even with her well-punished backside burning and tears streaming down her blushing cheeks, Abigail cannot help begging daddy to take her long and hard and shamefully in the way that only bad girls are taken.



Publisher’s Note: Guardian Daddy includes spankings and rough sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Morganna Williams

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimtited/$3.95

Length: 33,900 words


Jericho saw a shiver run through her body at his command. He watched as she moved quickly to the living room stripping her clothing as she went until her lovely curves were fully exposed to his view.

Abbie looked over her shoulder at him before bending over the end of the couch. Her full round bottom was lifted perfectly for punishment.

“Spread your legs apart.” Jericho watched as she moved her legs wide apart, giving him a delectable view of her wet slit.

Reaching for the buckle on his belt, he released it and then pulled it through the loops. Wrapping the buckle and about half the belt around his hand, Jericho lightly stroked her ass with the tongue of the belt. “Are you ready for your punishment?”

“Yes, sir.” Abbie kept her eyes straight ahead.

“Good girl.” He placed one hand on the small of her back then lifted his arm and brought the belt back sharply to land on the under curve of her full backside.

She went up on her toes and released her breath in a whoosh of air in response to the first stroke of his belt, a beautiful line of color appearing in its wake.

He laid another stroke directly on top of the first, deepening the color of the stripe on her bottom. He laid two more in the same place until the line was a brilliant shade of red. Then he lined up the next area for his attention.

“Owww!” Abbie whimpered as another stroke fell directly beneath the first line.

Jericho laid four strokes in a row before starting another line below the last to cover the upper part of her thighs. Abbie sobbed softly as he finished then switched sides. He laid two more strokes over each area then moved behind her. “Hold your bottom open for me.”

She looked over her shoulder at him, her cheeks stained with tears but he could see the arousal leaking down the tops of her thighs in response to his belt. “What?”

“You heard me, little girl, show me that tight little hole I’m about to fuck.”

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