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Hammer: A Dark Romance by Loki Renard

When a man like Hammer nails you, he nails you hard.


That’s what his old military buddies call him, and after a night with him I can see how he earned the nickname. He’s a trained killer turned MMA fighter, and everything he does in life, he does hard. In the ring, he hits hard. In bed, well… what he does there is hard too. Long and hard.

I thought he’d lose interest in me once we hooked up, but when my corrupt cop ex-boyfriend and his thugs try to kill us both, Hammer decides I need his protection… whether I like it or not. It turns out his idea of keeping me safe is dragging me out to some cabin in the middle-of-nowhere mountains and spanking me until I’m sore and sorry and soaked whenever I dare to disobey him.

I just hope he’s ready to give it to the bad guys half as rough and hard as he gives it to me.

Publisher’s Note: Hammer includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Loki Renard

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 53,900 words


It’s cold, but he doesn’t care, and neither do I. His hands roam my body. He can’t strip me, but his big hands can snake up under my clothes and down my pants. I stay hidden from his eyes, but not from his touch.

“I can’t get enough of you,” he growls, his fingers running over my body, pinching my nipples, making me yelp. “I need to have you.”

My desire is just as powerful as his, maybe more. It’s more about sex when Jake and I are together. I need him to feel like myself. All he has to do is run his fingers through my hair and I am transformed.

He pushes my leggings down below my ass, but before I can get cold he covers my ass with his hands and looses his cock to glide against my pussy, back and forth, long strokes that tease my core. Then he pushes inside me. I feel myself open for him, my inner walls spread with his powerful thrusts, his big hands on my ass, pulling me in as he claims me with those hungry strokes that make me spread so impossibly fucking wide for him.

Jake doesn’t just fuck me. He hammers me. He pins me down on the ground and he jackhammers his hips against me, my cries filling the air wantonly. I’m sure all the others can hear us, but he doesn’t care, and so neither do I. I can’t think of anyone really, not now. With his mouth on mine, his hot flesh burning inside me, this is all that matters.

“I want your ass,” he rumbles.


His cock slides into my pussy slowly, passionately. He is making love to me. He is taking control of me, and I am surrendering. The weed helps to relax every part of me, including the tight little hole he says he wants to claim.

“You gonna nail me, Hammer?”

He lets out a laugh, a rich, dark sound and pulls his cock from my pussy.

“Hell, yes, I’m going to nail you, Jazz. You’re fucking mine.”

I expect him to push back inside me, stretch me all over again, but he does not return to my sex. He wants something more from me. Something that I’d never have given him before now. I feel his hand slide over my ass, caressing me even as it makes for the sensitive crevice and the tight little dark spot where no man has ever been allowed.

I let out a whimper, but he caresses it into a moan, working his fingers back and forth along the tight, dark part of me. I know what he’s going to do. I know he’s wanted this part of me since we met. It is a twisted desire he has, something a little dark and definitely perverse.

“It’s tight,” he grunts, working his finger into my bottom using the juices from my pussy, the sex foam he fucked me into.

“Of course it’s tight,” I whimper. “I’ve never done this before. And that’s the wrong hole.”

“It doesn’t feel wrong to me. It feels fucking perfect,” he says, twirling that finger slowly.

“You’re a dirty man,” I gasp. “You’re a very bad, very dirty man.”

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