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Hard Earned Cash: A Dark Mafia Romance by K.L. Hiers

When you belong to a man like Boss Cold, you take what he gives you. Jimmy Poe has known that since he first offered himself to the feared mob boss in payment of a debt, yet over the past year he has gotten to see a very different side of Cold. A side that made Jimmy fall in love.

But their love will be put to the test when Cold is arrested. Can the bond between them endure even as the dark shadows of Cold’s past come to light and Jimmy’s life is put at risk as well?





Publisher’s Note: Hard Earned Cash is a sequel to Cold Hard Cash. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: K.L. Hiers

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 113,300 words


“Come here. On your hands and knees.”

Jimmy crawled over, the buckle of the belt rattling as he moved. He gasped as Cold grabbed his hair and turned his head this way and that, Cold inspecting him like an animal at auction.

“Look at you.” Cold’s eyes scanned over his naked body hungrily. “My beautiful little brat. You’re just as lovely as the first time I had you in that hotel room. Hmph. Can’t leave anything well enough alone, can you?”

“N-no, sir,” Jimmy whispered over the leather between his teeth. “I’m… I’m trying to help…”

“I don’t need you to help, Mr. Poe. I need you to obey.”

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy said, closing his eyes and wincing when Cold tugged at his hair again.

“Get in my lap,” Cold said sternly. “You’re going to learn, Mr. Poe. Until my hand goes numb or you can’t take it anymore, whichever comes first.”

Jimmy shivered as he followed Cold’s guiding hands, crawling up and stretching out over his thighs. He laid his head down on the plush cushions and stretched out his long legs until his feet were hanging off the end of the settee.

Normally he was suspended awkwardly over Cold’s knees for this sort of punishment, but he didn’t have long to appreciate the settee’s comfort.

The first crack of Cold’s hand across his ass made him cry out, his head jerking up as his body fought to get away from the pain. Cold wasn’t giving him any time to adjust, and Jimmy yelped as a second stroke immediately followed the first.

“I spent all day planning this ridiculous setup. All of this was for you! You ungrateful and arrogant little boy! You’re such a spoiled brat! You ruined everything I had planned for you!” Cold hissed angrily as his hand kept slapping Jimmy’s ass, punctuating every sentence with a mean smack.

Every brutal slap made Jimmy ache and whimper, and tears streamed down his face as he openly sobbed. The pain shot flashes of white before his eyes, and his cock was uncomfortably hard, trapped between his stomach and Cold’s thigh.

Cold gave him a brief reprieve, rubbing his palm across the scalded flesh of his abused cheek.

The gentle touch burned like hell, and Jimmy grinded his teeth on the leather with a choked cry. “I’m sorry… I’m so sorry, sir…”

“I’ve been far too easy on you,” Cold sneered, reaching back to spank Jimmy’s other cheek. “You’ve forgotten your place!”

“Fuck!” Jimmy cringed as Cold began his assault again, crying with every fierce slap. It sounded like firecrackers going off, and he could feel himself getting close to climax. His thoughts were soft and hazy from the lovely pain, and he moaned brokenly, “I’m sorry, sir! I’ll be good!”

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