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Hardened by Ashe Barker

HardenedDespite the fact that he is doing time for armed robbery, Molly MacBride is drawn to Jared North almost from the moment she sets eyes on him. Even behind bars his confidence and dominance are undeniable, and soon enough she is willingly baring her bottom and placing herself across his strong thighs, surrendering to both firm punishment and intense pleasure.

When all hell breaks loose during a prison riot, it is Jared who saves Molly’s life, but she is so shaken by the incident that she quits her job and does her best to put him out of her mind. As the years pass, however, Jared never relinquishes his place in her heart—or her fantasies—and when she learns that he has been released on parole Molly cannot resist seeking him out.

Through a combination of hard work and natural talent, Jared has forged a career for himself as a world-renowned photographer, yet in spite of his newfound sophistication and wealth he is no less dominant than he was when she first met him. It isn’t long before Molly finds herself submitting to both his stern discipline and his masterful lovemaking, but can she truly risk falling for a man whose criminal past could come back to haunt them both at any moment?

Publisher’s Note: Hardened is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Ashe Barker

eBook Price: $4.95

Length: 72,500 Words


“Ah, Molly, we’re going to have such a lot of fun together. But understand this, when you’re here with me it might be just sex but it’s sex on my terms. That means you do as you’re told. You have your safewords, but unless you want to use those I expect no arguments, no procrastinating. Obedience, Molly girl. Can you manage that, do you think?”

She inclines her head, though I have no real illusion that she has the first idea what she’s letting herself in for. She’ll start to learn soon enough.

I harden my tone deliberately. “You can start by losing the T shirt.”

“What? Here?”

I get to my feet to loom over her. A little intimidation can go a long way, especially at this stage in the proceedings, and discipline needs to be both swift and decisive to make the point. I harden my gaze; the time for exchanging confidences is past. “What did I just say about arguing and procrastinating? You’ve already earned your first spanking. Now, for the avoidance of doubt, after your spanking I’m going to feed you, and I prefer you to undress for dinner. Then I intend to fuck you right here on my kitchen table. Do you have any objections, Molly? Are you ready, now, to do as I say?”

She lowers her gaze and grasps the hem of the borrowed T shirt. “Yes, sir,” she murmurs as she pulls it over her head and drops it onto the chair next to her. Then she gets to her feet to stand before me. “Do you want me to bend over your knee again, sir?”

“Not this time. I want you to go back up to my bedroom and bring me a spanking paddle. You’ll find several in the chest at the foot of the bed but the one I want is made of pale coloured wood and has holes drilled in it. You’ll bring it back here to me, then you can lean over the table, rest your elbows on the top, and lift your arse up as high as you can.” I tip up her chin with the tips of my fingers. “You have a lesson to learn, so this is going to smart, little wannabe sub.”

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