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Head of Household Brings Home a Top 100 Spot

Lily Harlem’s new book, Head of Household, has claimed a spot in the Top 100 for Amazon’s Time Travel Romance category! Congratulations Lily!

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★★★★★ Maud Mama @ “Time Travel Hanky Panky” on March 27, 2017
Away on a holiday to get over her boyfriend and best friends betrayal, Liz wants to visit the ruins of Lord Radley Fairbanks abandoned first house.

After finding the ruins she defies the signs and enters the decaying property. Whilst wandering around Liz opens a door and walks into a 19th century kitchen – complete with cook and scullery maids. She is addressed as Miss Moray – the new Governess to the newly orphaned nephews of the head of the household – Lord Radley Fairbank.

Thrust into the Victorian life, Liz quickly finds out the Lord Radley has a rather peculiar way of keeping her in line.

A great time travel story, an easy two hour read – perfect for a little light reading on holiday.

★★★★★ sicomono2 @ “Kinky Time traverler” on March 29, 2017
I loved this book, from the kinky Lord Radley to Liz the time traveler. It had something for everyone. I love Lily’s books she developes the characters and you feel like you know them. This is definitely a fun book.

★★★★★ mima48 @ “Five Stars” on March 29, 2017
Loved plot and characters. Great genre. Volunteered to read advance copy for honest review.

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