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Heathens: A Dark Billionaire Stalker Romance by Alta Hensley

She invited the darkness in, so she’ll have no one else to blame when I come for her.
The Hunt.
It is a sinister game of submission. She’ll run. I’ll chase.
And when I catch her, it will be savage. Untamed. Primal.
I will be the beast from her darkest fantasies.

I should be protecting her, but instead I’ve been watching her. Stalking her.
She’s innocent. Forbidden. The daughter of my best friend.
But she chose this.
And even if she made a mistake, even if she wants to run, to escape, it’s far too late.
She’s mine now.



Publisher’s Note: Heathens includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Alta Hensley

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$5.99

Length: 65,000 words


My tongue forced its way into her mouth, exploring every corner, slipping over her tongue. I bit down on it hard, twisting it. She gasped, and it was like music. I didn’t care that she was crying.

I wanted her to be afraid. To be afraid of The Hunt so she’d never do this again.

She needed to learn.

I could feel her body quivering against mine, her wet pussy soaking my fingers. Her body ached for me, the source of her own pleasure.

My cock twitched at the thought of her pussy. I needed to be inside her. I needed to make her scream out in need. I wanted to hear her beg for me to fuck her.

I forced my fingers in deeper, spreading her pussy wide. She gasped, her body trembling with my every touch.

“Please, let me go,” she begged.

That was the last thing I wanted to do.

I burrowed my fingers deep inside her, feeling her tight walls stretch around me. She sobbed, and it was music to my ears. I wanted to hear her scream, writhing in my arms.

“Please,” she begged again.

I let out a slow breath, my mouth so close to her ear she could feel the heat of my breath on her neck. I nipped the delicate flesh. It was a warning.

I was going to make her come.

She was going to come for me, writhing in my arms as I made her body explode with pleasure.

My fingers thrust in and out of her pussy, fucking her harder.

She needed to fucking learn.

I pulled my mouth away from her ear, kissing her cheek, her neck, her lips. She was so warm. So soft.

It was almost too easy to push her over the edge.

I pulled my rigid cock out of my pants and forced it into her cunt, filling it completely. She moaned in pain, arching her back.

I thrust inside her, over and over again, slamming her up against the tree.

Her face reddened, and she moaned with each thrust.

“Please,” she whimpered against my lips, making my dick twitch. “Please fuck me. Fuck me.”