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Heating Up the Holidays by Maddie Taylor, Alexis Alvarez, Morganna Williams, Meredith O’Reilly, and Dinah McLeod

Heating Up the Holidays is a five-book collection featuring smoking hot holiday-themed titles from five best-selling spanking romance authors. It includes the following books:

Holly’s Secret Santa, by Maddie Taylor

When Holly Carpenter meets handsome, charming Christian Bradley while interning at an electronics company, they hit it off right away. Although Holly’s hectic schedule leaves little time for their blossoming relationship, Christian’s dominance both in and out of the bedroom arouses Holly intensely, and his lovemaking is better than anything she has experienced before.

But after Holly does some snooping where she doesn’t belong, she finds out that Christian isn’t at all what he seems. Feeling betrayed, she ends their romance. Will she spend Christmas alone with a broken heart, or will she discover there is much more to the man she fell in love with than she realized and decide to give him a second chance to win her trust?

Kept After Hours, by Alexis Alvarez

Kiera Cassidy has been secretly crushing on tall, dark, and dominant Logan Brandt ever since he hired her to plan his club’s kinky Christmas party, and after he scolds her firmly for not dressing warmly enough for the cold Chicago winter, she cannot help imagining herself over his knee with her bottom bared for a sound spanking.

When Logan keeps her at the club after hours for an intense, incredibly hot punishment scene, it is the sexiest thing Kiera has ever experienced, and she finds herself wondering what it would be like to be trained and mastered more thoroughly. But Kiera wants a guy she can have all to herself and Logan doesn’t seem like the type for that. Can he find a way to win her trust?

Marigold and the Sheriff, by Morganna Williams

Nineteen-year-old Marigold Haney has learned to fend for herself since her mother’s death, and when sinfully handsome Sheriff Lucas Watkins starts ordering her around like a child she gives him quite an earful. To her shock, however, the stern lawman merely takes her over his knee for a painful, embarrassing spanking.

After Marigold’s defiant attitude earns her a second trip across Lucas’ knee, however, she soon finds herself writhing in ecstasy as she is brought to a blushing climax over his lap. Following that incident, Lucas sets about courting Marigold, and it isn’t long before they are man and wife. But can he find a way to make her most fervent Christmas wish come true?

Her Christmas Cop, by Meredith O’Reilly

Morgan Castillo had high hopes for a wonderful Christmas with her stern, sexy police officer husband Jared, but then a former boyfriend threatens to ruin it all with a scheme to blackmail her. If Morgan doesn’t come up with a large sum of money by Christmas Eve, he will make public a set of compromising photos of her which he has secretly obtained.

It seems the only solution is to take out a loan and make the payment he demands, then try to forget about it and enjoy the holiday. But when Jared discovers that she has been keeping secrets from him, Morgan soon finds herself receiving the most thorough spanking of her life. After her punishment, can Jared find a way to ensure that they have a merry Christmas after all?

More Than He Ordered, by Dinah McLeod

When mail-order-bride Isabella Francs steps off a boat to meet her American husband-to-be, she worries that he will send her back home as soon as he sees the baby she brought with her. But Patrick Donovan is a good man, and although he assures his new bride that he will expect her obedience and submission, he welcomes both Bella and the baby into his home.

Though Bella soon discovers that Patrick will not hesitate to bare her bottom for a sound spanking when he feels it necessary, being taken in his arms and comforted after a punishment proves more wonderful than she would have ever imagined. But when she finally summons the courage to tell him the truth about the baby, will he be angry at her deception?

Publisher’s Note: Heating Up the Holidays includes spankings, sexual scenes, elements of age play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Authors: Maddie Taylor, Alexis Alvarez, Morganna Williams, Meredith O’Reilly, Dinah McLeod

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$9.95

Length: 5 books, 147,000 words



Holly’s Secret Santa by Maddie Taylor

He tugged her skirt hem to her waist. Her whimpering sigh told him she was both nervous and excited about what was about to happen. He rested his hand on her bottom. She was wearing tights, and her sweet little ass covered in clingy navy knit was a sight to behold. A hint of her white satin panties showed through—lovely. They would need to go since his spankings were always applied to bare skin.

Curling his fingers into the waistband, he hooked her panties too and lowered both to mid-thigh. One of her hands flew back.

“Hands on the floor, Holly, like I told you.”

“This is embarrassing. We’ve had sex once, and you’ve got my bottom bared about to spank it like I’ve been a naughty girl.”

“Hiding out in the men’s room and spying through a locker is the definition of naughty. I thought we agreed on this.”

She moved her hand back to the floor.

“Good girl,” he murmured giving her a light pat. “Think you’ll remember this beyond tonight?”

“Until I die, most likely.”

“That’s why spankings are so effective. After the sting fades, you’ll still recall how you felt at this moment, which is a strong deterrent for future detective work in men’s locker rooms. Don’t you think?”

“Yes, Christian.”

His hand caressed her silky soft skin, rubbing to bring the blood to the surface, warming her up a bit. He raised his hand and brought it down crisply on one pristine cheek. Color blossomed almost instantly since she was so fair. She’d bruise easily if he didn’t use the utmost care.

His hand rose and fell on the other side. She was silent, and he proceeded. The next spanks landed in pairs, moving from one round globe to the other. He added a bit more heat and sting, making her wiggle.

“Be still. We’re halfway through.”

“It burns.”

“As expected.” His supporting hand slid from her back to wrap around her opposite hip as he administered the remaining ten swats without stopping. A series of oohs, ahs, and ohs accompanied them, as did a little pitter-pat from the toes of her knee-high boots. But he was prepared and didn’t let her skitter away.

“All done, baby,” he murmured while messaging the rosy redness of her round behind. So lovely, and he could see a shimmer of wetness between her thighs, spread by her kicking. Despite her protests, his little miscreant wasn’t immune to the sensual nature of her punishment.


Kept After Hours by Alexis Alvarez

“But Logan!” Her face flamed. “I don’t want…”

“Then you should have crawled when I told you to do it.” His voice was firm, leaving no room for argument. “Now you’ll get plugged, cropped, and then you’ll crawl for me without complaining, or we’ll repeat the whole exercise before you get to come. Understand?”

Miserable, turned on, and a complete mix of emotions, she could only agree. “Yes, Sir.”

More lube, then the thing pushed at her anus again. “Relax your cheeks entirely and your anal muscles as I start to push. When you’re ready, ask me to do this.”

She clenched her buttocks, then relaxed them. “Logan, please… start pushing the butt plug in.” It was incredibly hard to get the words out. It may have been just the two of them, but damn, saying that to him—such a dirty, submissive thing—made her entire body seize up with embarrassment.

“Into where?”

“Into… my asshole,” she whispered.

As soon as she said the words, the tip pressed against her anal ring, and then intruded inside her body. At first it was fine, but a few seconds later, she realized that ‘relatively large’ meant ‘really fucking large’ when it came to plugs.

“Ow!” She clenched up and he stopped.

“You have to relax, Kiera,” he said patiently.

“It hurts,” she begged.

“I know.” He was calm. “It’s going to burn. Once it’s in, it won’t feel so bad. Stay with me.”

“I don’t want to. I hate this.”

“Kiera?” His voice was clipped, but he ran one hand over her buttocks and thighs, making circles with his fingers. “I’m waiting.” He dipped one finger into her pussy and pumped it. “I know what you want, but you’re going to earn it.” He chuckled. “And I don’t think you actually hate this at all.”

“Fine.” She bit her lip and relaxed her muscles again. “I’m ready.”

“For?” He trailed one finger over her clit.

She almost whimpered at the touch. “For you to keep pushing the plug… into my ass.” She stifled a sob of embarrassment.


Marigold and the Sheriff by Morganna Williams

Mari jumped when the door bounced off the wall and Lucas walked in with fire in his eyes. “You are about to get the spanking of your life, young lady.”

“I am not!” Mari declared bravely. “You have no say over me, Lucas Watkins!”

He laughed in response to her statement. “Little girl, I am the only say that matters regarding you. Something I intend you to understand before the day is through.”

She raised the book when he began to stalk toward her, pressing her back to the wall. “Don’t you come near me, you… you!”

Lucas merely quirked a brow and advanced, neatly ducking when the first book flew at him. “Something else we will be discussing is your propensity for throwing things.”

She managed to throw three books before he wrenched the fourth from her hand and frog-marched her to the bed where he sat down and pulled her over his lap. Mari kicked and wriggled for all she was worth. “You can’t do this, Lucas!”

Despite her best efforts he quickly had her skirts and petticoats tossed over her head and his hand was clapping off her bottom with vigor. “Oooohoo owwww!”

She kicked her feet and tried to fling herself off his lap; in response to her efforts Lucas lifted one big leg and clamped it down over the back of her thighs, effectively pinning her in place over his lap for as long as he wanted to keep her there.

“You’ve no right!” Mari wailed as the spanking continued.

“I have every right. Did you or did you not storm into my office and throw a giant temper tantrum that ended with me and Walt getting doused with old coffee?” he asked as his hand began to fall harder and faster.

“Owww… I did… but… I had every right to be angry! You trifled with my affections!” she declared then burst into tears as his hand fell even harder. “This isn’t fair!”

“Trifled with your affections! Trifled with your affections!” Lucas asked incredulously as his hand landed again and again in the exact same spot on the under curve of her backside. “I’m about to give you a trifling you’ll never forget!”

He quickly gave the other side of her poor bottom the same treatment before he lifted her from his lap as he stood and bent her over the side of the bed, holding her in place with a firm hand against the small of her back.

“No, Lucas!”

She heard his belt clear his pants and tried to swim away but that firm hand didn’t allow her one iota of wiggle room.

“Yes, Marigold!” he responded. “I am going to thoroughly leather your backside and then you will politely beg my forgiveness for your behavior.”

“I won’t!” she yelled through her tears and then howled when the belt landed on her already sore bottom, leaving a line of fire behind that would not soon be extinguished. By the time the third stripe landed she was howling, “Please, Lucas! I’m sorry! I promise I won’t do it again!”


Her Christmas Cop by Meredith O’Reilly

“Turn around,” I ordered.

She did and I snapped the handcuffs around her wrists. “There we go. Now you won’t be able to move when you get your punishment. You’re going to lean over the bed as I redden that bottom of yours.”

“Oh, Sir, please, I’ll be good,” she cried.

“Nope, this is what happens to women who don’t listen and run away from a police officer. Do as I say or else you’ll increase the number of spanks coming your way.”

A moment later, she was bent over the bed, her delectable bottom at the perfect angle for me to administer her punishment.

Walking over to her dresser, I grabbed her hairbrush. I’d use that after I prepared her. Morgan might pretend that she didn’t want this spanking, but I knew how much she got turned on by it.

I took a seat next to her. “It’s a shame that I’m going to have to redden this butt of yours. It’s such a beautiful shade of cream.”

She shivered as I ran the tips of my fingertips over her flesh.

I landed eight swats to each of her cheeks. “How are you feeling, Morgan?” I asked, rubbing her heated skin. She shifted her bottom under my hand, which was now a pretty pink color.

“Good. I think I learned my lesson.”

“That’s for me to decide, young lady.” Placing another dozen swats on her ass had her wiggling all over the bed. One might think it was from pain, but I knew better. My wife was trying to get some friction for her clit. She always got turned on by our play as did I. My cock ached wanting to sink into her wet depth, but we weren’t done yet.

“Just what do you think you’re doing?” I asked, grabbing her hips to stop her movement.

“I… nothing,” she sheepishly answered.

“Spread your thighs for me.”

It took a bit of nudging, but she finally did and revealed her glistening pussy. “Hmmm, it seems like someone is very aroused. Are you enjoying your punishment?”

“Yes,” she mumbled into the comforter.

“I didn’t hear you,” I said, thrusting two of my fingers into her wet channel.

“Yes, Sir,” she answered loudly.


More Than He Ordered by Dinah McLeod

Nothing could have prepared her for what it felt like when his hand fell. It landed with a crack followed by a stinging line of pain that took her breath away. Isabella went to sit up, but his hand pressed against her back and kept her where he wanted her. She looked back at him as if to say, what? We’re not done?

His hand came cracking down again, answering her unasked question. No, apparently they weren’t done. His hand bounced to her right cheek, back to the left, leaving a stingy fire in its wake. By the fifth spank, her shock dissipated, giving way to her need to make her displeasure clear.

“Ow! Please stop! Patrick! Please, stop it!”

“You do not get to say when this stops,” he informed her, speaking just as calmly as he always did.

As his big, hard hand came crashing down on her poor bottom once more, she cried out, her scream filled with pain and frustration. But he’d meant what he said, and he didn’t let up. After another round of blistering swats, Isabella burst into tears.

At first, she just felt sorry for herself, and for her poor spanked bottom that had never done anything to big, mean Patrick. But as she sobbed out her frustration, she began to think about what he’d said. The truth was, she had spoken to him disrespectfully. And he’d done nothing but be kind to her. Even now, she could tell that he was not spanking with his full strength. He wasn’t trying to hurt her, but to teach her a lesson, just as he’d said.

And, loath as she was to admit it, she’d earned every wallop. Ever since she’d stepped off that ship, Patrick had done nothing but protect and provide for her. Surely she couldn’t have been what he’d been expecting, especially with Peta in tow, but he’d kept his word and married her anyway. And not reluctantly, as a man merely doing his duty, but as man who’d thrown himself wholeheartedly into marriage.

What had she done to repay his kindness? She’d griped and tried to guilt trip him for needing to go into town for work after she’d had his undivided attention for a week. Then he’d come home, and instead of listening to what he had to say, rather than trying to understand where he was coming from, she’d railed at him like a cantankerous wife. At this rate, he’d never want to be home.

The thought made her tears come faster. His hand was rising and falling quickly, each impact jarring her. But she was surrendered to it now, enduring each punishing swat the best as she could. She’d also stopped begging. The only sound in the room was that of his hand hitting her cheeks and her responding wails.

And just as suddenly as it began, it stopped. Instead of his hand chastising her, it was on her shoulder, its presence strong and comforting. He waited patiently until she had calmed down. When the tears had abated and she’d finally caught her breath, he helped her to sit up.

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