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Her Alien Commander Holds a Top 100 Spot

top100_heraliencommanderAshe Barker‘s latest release, Her Alien Commander, has made Amazon’s Top 100 for Science Fiction Romance! Congratulations, Ashe!

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★★★★★ KKT @ “A Most Commanding Book!” on September 8, 2016
Normally not a fan of Sci-Fi romance, but Ashe Barker has changed my mind. Her descriptions of far future technology and other worlds are believable and fascinating. And that comes from a Star Wars fan and a Trekky! In a huge twist of fate, Caria and Phahlen meet in the worst of circumstances. She is a feisty Earth gal and he is an Alpha (read that Dom) from a planet with a serious problem. He keeps her as an answer to the problem of lack of females on his planet. She has gotten herself in serious trouble with the law due to poor decisions. He becomes her jailer as well as her commander in every sense of the word. Although their mutual attraction is instantaneous and incendiary, she doesn’t totally trust him, nor does he trust her. She fights to prove her innocence by escape attempts. He does not shy away from showing her the error of her ways which means she ends up with a red bottom. Eventually, she does surprise him with her ingenuity and bravery and they come to care deeply for each other. And expect a surprise near the end of the book. There is a very dramatic and unusual sexual punishment meted out. Whew! I love that Ashe Barker eases us out of the story with an epilogue telling our characters’ future. Love this book!

★★★★★ Laurel @ “Sci-Fi Adventure Romantic Adventure by Ashe Barker” on September 3, 2016
Beautifully written Sci-Fi adventure romance. I’m getting more and more into science fiction and this was was fabulous. I started this book last night and finished at 3am. It was a fast paced page turner that wrung out many emotions, laughing, crying, anger, frustration. Keep tissues handy as this is a tear jerker. I loved the new worlds and it was so believable I could see it, the dialogue was witty, the science described was also believable and so I highly recommend this book. I was given this book by the publisher for an honest review and the thoughts and opinions are mine.

★★★★★ Shopper @ “What a great book!” on September 5, 2016
Her Alien Commander read like a BDSM club style story. The H managing the firm/ stern polite feel throughout, even when furious. I found the English turn of words nice and refreshing, with the majority of the books I read by American authors.

I long ago started to steer clear of books that relied heavily on simple mis-understanding and mis-communication, to drive the story forward, rather than character development or plot lines. In this books you have an h and H that very much experience this, but the author presents these in a way that are completely in line with the story and the characters. I actually find myself thinking if there HADN’T been any I’d be annoyed. The story and character developed through most of the book wasn’t conducive to agreeability and easy adjustment. And I LOVED it. Both characters developed beautifully allowing for a fantastic adventure.

Yes, this was extremely explicit. Had questionable consent and the scenes were very well written. And frequent.

I seriously recommend this book. If you like the genre, and haven’t developed the taste for the sci-fi angle, I recommend giving this one a try.

★★★★★ kristen harbach @ “Great sci-fi story” on September 5, 2016
Its a Great story as far as scfi go’s and it seamed pretty well written.

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