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Her Alien Prince by Maria Monroe

When an unknown spacecraft lands on the White House lawn, intern Andrea Cavalas is shocked to learn that the Zilidran prince who commands the vessel is insisting that she accompany him back to his world. More disturbing still, the stern, handsome alien quickly makes it clear that he will respond to any defiance by baring Andrea’s bottom and spanking her until she is sobbing.

Being punished in such a humiliating fashion leaves Andrea blushing crimson yet shamefully aroused, and she cannot help longing for the prince to take her hard and thoroughly. But even if he claims her properly, will his people ever accept a human as the bride of their future ruler?




Publisher’s Note: Her Alien Prince includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Maria Monroe

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$3.95

Length: 40,200 words


He stands in front of me, his muscular legs slightly spread, his chest so muscled and ridged I still, even under these strange and embarrassing circumstances, want to run my hand over it. He holds up the rod. “Your extra strokes will be with this.”

I gulp.

“Between your cheeks.”

“Wait. What?” I stammer.

“Bend over and place your hands on the couch. Spread your legs as far as you can.”

“But I…”

“I won’t hesitate to add on to your extra strokes if you continue to argue. Right now, I’m only giving you five. Just to get a taste of what happens when you don’t obey.”

I sigh and turn, bending over so my hands are on the plush, red fabric of his sofa. Slowly I inch my feet apart, farther and farther, until everything is on display once more, my bottom sticking out in perfect position to be spanked. But what did he mean by ‘between my cheeks’? Surely not…

He moves in close to my left side. He places the wooden rod right between my cheeks so it rests along my tight anus.

“Right there,” he says, tapping gently, “is such a good place to punish naughty girls. It’s a perfect reminder for them to behave during their spankings. Don’t you think it will be a good reminder, Andi?” He’s got a teasing tone to his voice, which only amplifies my embarrassment.

“Yes,” I say, knowing that’s the response he desires.

“How do you think it will feel for me to spank you right here?” He punctuates the question with another light tap.

“Um, bad. It will hurt.”

“It will,” he murmurs. “And it will be quite embarrassing as well to be spanked there, won’t it?”

“Yes,” I mutter, shame washing over me.

“I will give you five spanks on your asshole. You are to stay in position the whole time or I will start over. Yes?”

“Yes.” I take a deep breath and push my hands harder down into the fabric of the couch, hoping that will help me keep them where they belong, which is apparently anywhere away from my ass so I don’t rack up even more extra strokes.

The first one takes me by surprise. The rod lands hard, right between my cheeks. The sting is intense, and I jump up on my toes but otherwise stay in place.

The second brings tears to my eyes, and I cry out an ‘ow’ when it lands.

“You’re doing good, Andi,” he says, surprising me with his kindness. I mean, kindness considering what he’s doing to me right now.

He wastes no time with the final three, delivering them one right after the other. I cry out with each, and when he’s done I stay where I am, afraid to get out of position until he tells me to.

Behind me I hear his desk drawer open and shut, and I assume he put that horrible rod away. Then he speaks. “If you’ll join me, Andi, we have a lot go to over.”

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