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Her Alpha Mates: A Shifter Menage Romance by Maggie Ryan and Shanna Handel

With his wife in grave danger from an ancient curse upon his family, alpha wolf Deo Ambrosia must take drastic measures, and as a last resort he calls upon the powerful dragon shifter Draco to help protect his headstrong mate.

Cassandra obeys the demands of the wolf. Submits to the call of the dragon. Gives her heart and soul to both. After exchanging the most sacred of vows, they are no longer one, but three. Will their love be enough to break the curse?

Though following the orders of two stern, dominant alpha shifters proves no easy task for Cassandra and she frequently finds herself facing stern and shameful discipline from her mates, she is shocked by the intensity of the pleasure when the two fearsome beasts both claim her at once. But will her penchant for reckless disobedience put the entire pack in even greater peril?

Publisher’s Note: Her Alpha Mates is the second book in the Shifters’ Call series. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Maggie Ryan and Shanna Handel

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 69,500 words


The sight of his large hand moving to press against my lower back, and his free hand flexing as if preparing to punish me, had my heart lodge in my throat. Giving me one last raise of his brow, Draco proceeded to spank my spandex-covered bottom. His spanks were hard and fast and all business. Peeking at the mirror, I saw his face was set as if determined to show me the error of my way. My face flushed further, my brow furrowing in pain as I cried, “Ow, Draco. I’ll put on my coat—I promise.”

My pleas were completely ignored, my mate continuing to punish me until my feet were dancing. My cries and the loud echoes of his palm cracking across my ass bounced off the tiles, surrounding us in the sound of the notes heard in the unmistakable melody of a thorough spanking.

Finally, the painful strokes stopped though I was pretty confident it had nothing to do with my promise that I would immediately go and fetch my coat and hat and swearing on my life that I would not remove them until the temperature reached the nineties.

Draco released his hold that had pinned me to the counter. I stood up watching in the mirror while rubbing at my bottom through my stretchy workout pants. Tears blurred my eyes but when I saw what Draco was removing from a cabinet in the bathroom, I suddenly had 20/20 vision. “Oh, please,” I cried softly, my hands going from rubbing my burning buttocks to actually pushing my ass cheeks tighter together as if doing so would make it impossible for him to reach what I was sure was his target—my puckered little bottom hole.

Unlocking a cabinet I’d never paid attention to, he ignored my soft whimper of protest. Reaching in for a second item, Draco flipped the bottle top open and began to apply lube to the shaft of the plug he’d chosen. It was glass but had a light pink tint to it.

“Hold this.” Draco held the plug out by the base. To my further shame, I reached out obediently and took the dreaded thing from him. To add insult to injury, I had to admit it was a very pretty little plug. With the light refracting off the darker pink, sparkly crystal at its base, I couldn’t help but think any princess would be pleased to wear such a lovely gem. Of course, I don’t ever remember reading any fairytale where pampered royalty wore the family jewels up their ass. I gulped as I held it closer, taking in the size and weight of it. It seemed bigger than the one Deo had used on me in the castle. Heftier, longer, and definitely wider.

The huge mirror allowed me to watch the entire process closely. I should have dropped my eyes, but instead I stood there, red-faced, my ponytail messy, several copper-colored strands having escaped the scrunchie, and watched my huge muscular husband standing behind me. His hands went to the waistband of my black pants. Slowly, he pulled them down, exposing my pale skin and the reddish-gold curls of my sex in the mirror. I could see his gaze roving over my bottom—probably admiring his handiwork. I was sure my skin was nice and rosy to match my plug.

Our gazes met in the mirror. When our eyes locked, my pussy clenched.

“Pretty in pink for our little princess.”

When Draco held out his hand, I handed him the object that would assure my submission—and discomfort—for the rest of the day.

“Spread your cheeks open for me, Cassandra,” he said.

The skin on my sore buttocks instantly pebbled in goosebumps. Bending further forward, my bare stomach pressing against the chilly marble of the countertop, I squeezed my eyes shut tight—there was no way I wanted to see myself perform what I knew I had to do next.

Grabbing my hot tender flesh in my hands, I took a deep breath, then pulled apart the cheeks of my bottom. My eyes squeezed shut tighter and the skin on my face burned as hot as my ass. Though I knew what was coming, I still gave a soft yip and small jerk as Draco’s fingertip applied cool lube to my bottom hole.

I could feel my orifice quiver, fighting to keep him out and yet failing. My commanding husband pushed his finger deep inside that taboo opening of my body, saying, “You’ll learn, little one, that I am quite serious about your safety and that includes your health.” He slowly pumped his finger in and out several more times, each withdrawal sliding along nerve endings, awakening each one, each reentry drawing a moan from deep within my core.

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