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Her Boss: A Dark Mafia Age Gap Romance by Trent Evans

I’m old enough to be her father. That doesn’t mean I’ll be gentle with her.

She’s far too young and innocent for a bad man like me, but that didn’t stop me from bending my new intern over my desk with her cute thong pulled down for a spanking, and it certainly won’t keep me from giving this naughty little tease exactly what she needs.

But I’m going to do much more than just make Geneva Nantes blush and beg and come for me.

I’m going to make her mine.




Publisher’s Note: Her Boss includes spankings, rough sexual scenes, intense and humiliating punishments, and strong D/s themes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Trent Evans

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$5.99

Length: 66,500 words


“Y-you’re going to spank me. How is that not going… to hurt?”

“Yes, I am—and it will. But it’s not going to be anything you can’t handle. This is for teaching you a lesson, and ensuring you understand your place here. But you won’t be truly hurt. I’m not a brute.” I lowered her hands to her ass, pressing them there for a moment under my palms. “Not quite, anyway.”

Her hands didn’t move for a moment.

I patted her bottom. “Let’s get on with it. Panties down now.”

Fortunately, she decided to obey, and I cheered inside as her fingers hooked into the lace, drawing it out from the cleft of her ass, then down her trembling legs.

“All the way now. Drop them to your feet.”

Finally, she did, her hands hovering for a heartbeat.

“Fold your arms on the desk—and you’ll keep them there until I tell you otherwise. Move them, and this will be worse for you.”

In moments, her head was posed upon her forearms, and I beheld the beauty of her flawless bottom. On a lark, I spread her cheeks apart slightly, just enough to reveal clearly the dark whorl of her anus.

She mewled softly.

“Just need to inspect these holes, girl. Be still and quiet now.”

Geneva needed to learn that discipline from me meant submitting her bottom in every way, including being displayed, fondled, and inspected. Spankings weren’t only about punishment, after all. Gentle humbling and forced exhibition were essential to getting into the psyche of the penitent female receiving a correction. The pain was only part of it; reaching her mind and her emotional core, those places where she felt the most vulnerable, was as important, if not more so, than properly reddening her buttocks.

I wanted to see how she’d react to being inspected, to realizing that part of submitting to this arrangement meant allowing me to touch her anywhere and everywhere. In my experience, the process of humbling a woman meant steadily peeling away the layers of her defenses. That experience would generally do one of two things—either progressively reveal her for what she truly was, or illustrate in stark relief that she was indeed not the kind of woman prepared to genuinely surrender.

I touched the delicate circlet of her anus, tracing its outline with my fingertips, her tight hole clenching slightly. Rather than protest though, Geneva buried her face in her arms, her body staying very still.

A very promising sign indeed.

Even more encouraging was the strong scent on the air as I slipped two fingers between her legs, easing the delicate petals of her pussy open, revealing the tender blush rose of her exposed sex. “Mm, someone likes this, I think…”

“It’s… it’s not like that…” But there was no conviction in her whispered words.

I knew the truth. We both did.

Drawing close to her, clasping her upper hip, enabling me to pin her down firmly to the desktop, I pressed the bulge of my erection against the side of her bottom.

She gasped softly.

“Yes, this is part of it, too. Does it horrify you? That a man punishing you is excited by it?” I leaned over her, ensuring she felt the full length of my arousal against her. “Or is it quite something else? Is it that you’ve discovered the type of man who’s always appeared in your dreams? The sort of male mean enough to do to you what it is you really need?”