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Her Captor by Roxy Sinclaire

She paid him to fake her kidnapping. She ended up surrendering her body.

Jason DeLaCoeur is an expert at making people disappear, but this job is different. Wanting to teach her greedy, cold-hearted stepfather a lesson, feisty young heiress Amanda Coventry has contracted Jason to abduct her and keep her as his pampered captive until a huge ransom is paid.

Amanda expected her time as a hostage to be nothing more than a vacation, but she didn’t count on Jason’s mere presence leaving her virgin body quivering with helpless need, and she soon finds herself longing for him to take her in his arms and claim her hard and thoroughly.

Over the coming days, Amanda learns what it means to surrender herself to a dominant man’s masterful lovemaking, and her heart soon belongs to her captor along with her body. But when a rival of Jason’s sets his sights on Amanda, can she rely on her hired kidnapper to protect her?

Publisher’s Note: Her Captor includes sexual scenes and spankings. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Roxy Sinclaire

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 49,300 words


I was wet beyond control. Everything about this made me drip everywhere. Me being bent over his knee, my nipples getting harder, my ass and pussy on display for his perusal. All while being on a boat…

I wondered what I looked like from his view. Was it pink and wet looking? Did he like what he saw? Obviously, he did, or else his fingers wouldn’t be all inside my pussy.

When he withdrew them, I groaned in agony. “Hey, I thought you were punishing me.”

He grinned. “I am.”

Another hard spank right on the ass. I wasn’t even expecting it. This time I didn’t even cry out. I simply savored that delightful sting and tickle.

Then another. And another.

And I found myself loving the touch of his hand. So dominant. So, in control. Each spank reinforced the notion that I belonged to him and that he was the one in charge.

“Now it’s time for a different spanking. This one involves your pussy and my cock.”

I shivered. Was it finally time to lose my virginity? My pussy quivered and shook, getting ready for the inevitable penetration that would set me free from being the nice virgin people knew me to be.

“About time,” I breathed.

He spanked my ass again.

“Say, ‘yes, sir,’ understood?” he instructed.

I bit my lip and nodded my head. He spanked my ass yet again, and I licked my lips.

“Yes, sir!” I said, realizing that I should’ve said that instead of just nodding my head up and down. This was like in those kinky books I read sometimes about men dominating women. I was curious as to why women were so turned on about being treated this way. But now that I got a firsthand look into it, I could see why. The way it made you feel so submissive, it made you feel more desirable, sexy. Naughty.

No judgments from me anymore.

This took a deeper understanding of trust and bonding. You were putting your safety in someone else’s hands in the heat of the moment.

“How do you like getting punished, Mandy?” he asked, giving my ass another slap. “Are you getting wetter?” He stuck his finger into my pussy again to see for himself.

“If you’re going to stick your finger in it, why—”


I closed my eyes and savored the sting of the slap on my ass.

“You’re supposed to say what?” he reminded.

“…yes, sir…”

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