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Her Celtic Masters by Ashe Barker

Left penniless and without a home by a sudden, tragic turn of events, twenty-year-old Kristin Lofnsdottir plans to start a new life as a seafaring trader. If she is going to have any chance at surviving, however, let alone succeeding, she’ll need money and capable men to protect her. A partnership with a pair of Celts offers both, but Kristin quickly realizes that the arrangement will mean sharing much more than just her profits. The two stern, handsome brothers intend to make her theirs, demanding obedience, punishing defiance, and mastering her beautiful body together.

Though Nyle and Bowdyn have been given plenty of reason to hate Vikings over the years, conquering the feisty, headstrong Kristin proves even more satisfying than they had anticipated. As they claim her ever more thoroughly and shamefully, her need for them only grows more intense, but can they be firm enough to tame her recklessness before it puts them all in danger?

Publisher’s Note: Her Celtic Masters is a stand-alone sequel to Conquered by the Viking. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Ashe Barker

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 80,400 words


“B-belt?” Kristin started to squirm even more as panic threatened to engulf her. Never a particularly small or delicate woman, these men were both twice her size, there were two of them, and they intended to lay into her with a belt. “No, you cannot! Please… please, let me go…”

Nyle rose to his feet and quickly removed his belt. He folded the strap in two and handed it to Bowdyn, then he crouched before Kristin and took her face between his hands as Bowdyn had earlier. “Be still, little Viking. Stop fighting and accept what you cannot change. This is to be the way of it between us. You know the rewards, but now you must learn the consequences of belligerence and disrespect. It hurts, I know that, but Bowdyn will not harm you. I would not allow it. On another occasion, when it falls to me to punish you, he will protect you as well. You have only to trust us, Kristin.”

“I… I…” She had no answer, no idea what to say in response to his earnest expression. She saw compassion there, in his ebony-coloured eyes, but sternness too. She would be punished, there was no escaping that, but she would also be safe. Nyle had promised, Bowdyn too. And he had spanked her before, but she had survived to tell the tale.

“Do you trust us?” Nyle prompted, his tone gentle now.

“Yes,” she whispered. “Yes, I trust you.”

He smiled and used his thumbs to wipe some of her tears from her eyes. “We continue, then. And you will submit.”

She managed a feeble nod. Nyle glanced up at his brother. “She is ready.”

Bowdyn’s hand had been hard and heavy but was as nothing compared to the fiery bite of Nyle’s belt. He brought the strap down again and again across her tender backside, alternating between her right buttock and her left, then moving down to the backs of her thighs. The scorching intensified, each stroke setting alight a new trail of fire to ripple over her punished flesh, but she managed to contain her screams after a fashion. Mindful of the other inhabitants of Agnartved who might still be out and about, she managed to shove her fist in her mouth and muffled her own cries. The pain was intense, but bearable—just.

I am sorry. Stop, please, please stop…

“Hold.” Nyle’s low tone penetrated her anguished senses. Incredibly, the strapping ceased. Her bottom was alight, she lay spent, gasping, sobbing quietly.

Nyle cupped her chin once more. “You said something, Kristin. We would hear it again.”

“I… I…” Had she spoken? She could not remember…

“Your apology? Or was I mistaken?”

She shook her head, confused. She had thought it, but not spoken the words out loud. Except, she must have because he knew. The final shreds of defiance crumbled.

“I am sorry,” she repeated. “I was rude and… and peevish with you both. I will try to do better.”

“How prettily she apologises,” remarked Bowdyn. “I expect we will find it necessary to spank her regularly to ensure she remains polite and agreeable.”

“Without doubt her manners are improved,” Nyle agreed. “She responds well to a sore bottom. I wonder what other benefits the experience might offer. Is she wet?”

Bowdyn slid his hand between her thighs and stroked his palm the length of her slit. Kristin cried out at the unexpected rush of sensation as a bolt of pure, undiluted pleasure rippled through her.

“Yes. She is dripping wet. See for yourself.” As Nyle shifted around to better peruse her exposed nether regions, Bowdyn tapped her bottom with his palm. “Spread your legs, Kristin. Allow us to see how much your body relished being properly chastised.”

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