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Her Cowboy, Her Daddy by Shanna Handel

When she takes a long vacation to visit her parents in the tiny town of Little Peak, Wyoming, Bridgette Smith is quickly left wondering if her sanity will last a day, let alone six weeks. But things get more interesting in a hurry when she’s dared to kiss a handsome cowboy at a local bar and the stern, sexy stranger calls her a naughty little girl, tells her she needs a daddy who will spank her properly, and then kisses her in a way that leaves her in no doubt who is in charge.

After she is scolded for drinking too much and then sent home confused, chastened, and frustratingly aroused, Bridgette doesn’t expect to see the rugged, ridiculously gorgeous rancher again except in her dreams. But when her parents drag her to church and she runs into him there, then gets caught in a lie about her plans for the night, she soon finds herself over his knee with her jeans down, begging and pleading and calling him daddy as her bottom is soundly spanked.

Over the coming days, Bridgette learns what it means to truly blush as her new daddy masters her beautiful body ever more thoroughly and shamefully. But is this just a fling that will end when she goes back to her job in Los Angeles or will it turn out to be much more than that?

Publisher’s Note: Her Cowboy, Her Daddy is a stand-alone sequel to His Ranch, His Rules. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Shanna Handel

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 60,900 words


His tone was as cold as ice when he spoke. “What did you just call me?”

My temper suddenly disappeared, leaving me a stammering mess. “I… uh…”

His fingertip tapped on my denim-covered rear. “You know what? Little girls with mouths like yours do not get the privilege of leaving their bottom covered for a spanking.”

My breath caught in my throat. I pictured my generous, bare ass jiggling under his spanks. A ball of ice formed in my stomach. That could not happen. I would beg. I would call him Daddy. I would do anything to keep my jeans up and over my behind. “I’m sorry… D-Daddy. I shouldn’t have called you that name. I’ll take my spanking like a good girl.”

“That’s nice to hear. Now stand up so we can get those jeans pulled down,” he said.

I lay over his lap, frozen. I had barely gotten these tight, skinny jeans on myself. What panties was I even wearing? Oh, God in heaven above, please let me be wearing cute underwear! He tapped my bottom, growing impatient. He said, “Today, please.”

Taking a deep breath, I stood on unsure feet. My knees were shaking. He gave me one long look, causing my cheeks to burn. My eyes left his, going to the waist of my jeans, where his fingertips rested. I watched in horror as he unbuttoned the button. His fingers slowly pulled down the zipper. His hands went to the denim waist, and with a pull and a tug, my jeans were suddenly below the curve of my bottom, my panties still in place.

I was wearing a cute black thong. This was good, and bad. Good because I looked pretty sexy in the thing, if I do say so myself. Bad because had I been wearing full-cut panties, he may have left them on and I may have been spared from him getting the full view of my generous globes.

He gave me a wink and a smile at the sight of me standing before him, my thong and ass exposed. His eyes roved over me as he murmured, “Nice view.”

The blush in my cheeks crept downward over my neck and chest. Before I could respond, Travis had me flipped back in position. My bare bottom, save the tiny strip of fabric from my thong, sat perched over his knee.

His hand landed on my bare skin. I sucked air in between my teeth. The sting was much worse without the protection of the jeans. He began to spank me in earnest. My hips kept shifting my weight and my feet started to kick as the spanks were getting faster. The punishment quickly went from pleasurable and thrilling to pain. Was it supposed to hurt this much? In my dream it was always arousing, not painful, per se, but my ass was suddenly on fire. Between clenched teeth, I stammered, “I… uh… are you almost done up there?”

“Not a chance, honey.”

“But it hurts!” I squeaked.

“Just setting some boundaries—letting you know who your daddy is now. You’ll be surprised how refreshed you feel after being soundly spanked. And maybe you’ll even learn your lesson—and to hold your tongue the next time you want to call Daddy a nasty name.” The spanking continued. My hips started shifting left to right, trying to escape his hand. His grip tightened until I couldn’t move. “No more kissing strange men in bars. Yes, Daddy?”

“Yes, Daddy!” I shouted the words before I could overthink it.

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