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Her Daddy, Her Dom, and Her Doctor by Emily Tilton

Her Daddy, Her Dom, and Her Doctor by Emily Tilton

Twenty-two-year-old Natalie has three dominant men in her life. Tom, her daddy, spoils her even while making sure her bratty behavior is dealt with firmly over his knee. Dan is a doctor whose intimate examinations always leave Natalie blushing… and begging for more. And last there is Adam, the dom who gave Natalie her very first spanking and who still holds a special place in her heart. The only problem is that none of the men know about one another, and Natalie is afraid they will all leave her if they find out the truth.

When they discover that Natalie has been dishonest with them, there is only one solution: she must be taught a lesson. The men bring Natalie to a beautiful island resort, planning to give her a memorable stay. She’ll have three days of fun in the sun, but also three days of harsh punishment with each man taking his turn, and then on the final day Natalie will learn what it is like for a naughty girl to be thoroughly punished by her daddy, her dom, and her doctor, all at once.

Publisher’s Note: Her Daddy, Her Dom, and Her Doctor is an erotic novel that includes spankings, age play, medical play, anal play, BDSM, sexual scenes including a foursome, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Emily Tilton

eBook Price: $4.95

Length: 53,100 words


“It’s time,” he said. “Don’t make me march you out of here, Natalie.”

Natalie took a deep breath and said, “I’m ready,” feeling like it was a lie.

She followed Dan back to his room and, when she had stepped into the room and Dan had turned on the light, she realized just how much of a lie it had been to say she was ready. Dan closed the door behind her, but at the sight of the medical exam table that they had somehow managed to get into the room, with the stirrups attached, what Natalie wanted to do was turn around and flee. For the moment though she held her ground.

She said, “Oh, no, I mean… we play doctor, yes, but the exam table… it’s just too much.” She wasn’t completely sure that she meant it, but, as if trying to back her words up with action, she did now turn and reach for the doorknob.

Dan, for his part, took her shoulder firmly in his right hand and began to pull her toward the exam table. He said, “Miss Swindon, you are going to stand here, next to the table, and listen to me.”

Natalie’s breath came in short gasps. Dan had maneuvered her so that she had her back to the examination table, but she could feel it, right up against her backside, and the simple knowledge of what it was she stood next to made her feel incapable of rational thought.

“There are certain things,” Dan continued, standing in front of her now with his hands on his hips, “that your daddies have agreed upon about how your punishment days are going to go. One of those things is that tonight I am going to give you a full exam to make sure that you’re well enough to receive all the punishment we’re going to give you. You agreed to your punishment, and this exam is part of that. So you can take off your clothes like a good girl and put on the hospital gown over there, or I can strip you naked and strap you down for your exam. That’s your only choice.”

Natalie’s heart was in her mouth, fluttering wildly. It was true that she had fantasized about this kind of play, but she had never dared bring it up even to Dan, her doctor daddy. Together with the non-choice with which Dan had just presented her, the scene made her knees feel even weaker than they had been when he was about to flog her on the boat that morning.

“I’ll take my clothes off,” she whispered, and Dan smiled as he folded his arms in front of his chest with a satisfied, physicianly air.

“Alright then,” he said. “I’m going to go wash my hands. I want you in that hospital gown and nothing else when I return. Understood?” His voice was full of all the authority that always seemed to quicken Natalie’s pulse and make her clit tingle.

While he vanished into the suite’s bathroom, Natalie went over to where the hospital gown lay on a chair next to the exam table. As she took off her pretty green dress, and then her lacy lingerie, thinking regretfully of the romantic scenarios she had played in her head when she put them on, she wondered how Dan had managed to secure the use of the exam table.

Certainly hotels had physicians on call, and probably exam rooms for them. Natalie blushed as she thought about Dan calling the concierge to ask for the exam table. Had he at least made the excuse that he had a patient? Or had he perhaps even told the concierge that he liked to examine pretty young women all over their bodies? That thought made her giggle and lightened her mood at least; Dan was certainly not the kind of man who would say that sort of thing to a concierge. She could take refuge in that.

Then, however, she realized she had taken off her last stitch of clothing and had now to don the blue hospital gown that would leave her backside so exposed. Her blush returned, but of course at the mental image of what Dan would see when she turned around, her arousal also grew and she felt her nipples stiffen again.

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