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Her Doctor Daddy by Shelly Douglas

Her Doctor DaddyTwenty-year-old Lexi Roberts has barely begun her new job as an emergency room secretary in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, when the city is thrown into panic by a serial killer who targets young women. Thankfully for Lexi, her handsome, kind-hearted boss, Dr. Raul Morales, takes it upon himself to ensure that she reaches home safely after each shift.

Raul can be as strict as he is caring, however, and when Lexi disobeys him and puts herself in danger he bares her bottom and spanks her thoroughly. Yet in spite of her embarrassment at being punished in such a humiliating fashion, she quickly finds herself aching for Raul’s touch, and before long she is calling him daddy and loving every moment she spends in his arms. But after a mysterious man follows Lexi one day, it becomes clear that someone with far less noble intentions has taken an interest in her. Will Raul be able to keep her safe?

Publisher’s Note: Her Doctor Daddy includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Shelly Douglas

eBook Price: $3.95

Length: 40,800 Words


“You are to stay in this position,” he insisted in a low, smooth voice. “I need to get something from my bag, so don’t move. Any misbehavior on your part will result in you leaving this room with a very sore bottom. Understand?”

Oh, my God, I know what’s coming. Why didn’t I tell him sooner?

Lexi’s palm hooded her darting eyes. “Please, Raul. You can’t be serious. Honest, I feel fine!” Unfortunately, when she peered across the room, he was already unwrapping an evil-looking suppository and spoke softly as he approached her. “I’m going to need you to keep perfectly still while I slide this in between your naughty cheeks. Are you going to cooperate?”

“Y-Yes, sir.”

The next thing she felt was him inserting something thick and slippery deep into her rectum as her pussy relentlessly dripped beneath her. Lowering her body to rub it onto the mattress, she could only hope that he wouldn’t notice the embarrassing wet spot.

“It might take a while for this to work. Is it uncomfortable, sweetie?” he asked, the corners of his lips slightly curving upward as his long extremity remained firmly in her bum.

She prayed he couldn’t smell her essence as her slick moisture absorbed into the sheet. “No, sir.”

“Good girl.” He pushed his finger farther into her pulsing rosette to make sure she didn’t expel the solid substance while his other warm, gloved hand rested comfortably on her backside. “I want your heinie back up in the air, little one,” he directed slowly and deliberately, “and your shoulders should be touching the mattress.”

Carefully twisting her neck while getting into position, she watched as he lowered his scrub pants with one hand, his reddened cock rising and lengthening behind her. After circling her clit, he slipped his finger into the soaking wet cleft of her sex, and she retreated backwards as he kept one digit plugged into her anus. Rubbing his aching cock against her pulsating pussy, he whispered in her ear, his low voice thick with desire, “We both know you want this.”

“Yes,” she said quietly.

He withdrew his finger and smacked her ass. “I’m going to fuck you good and hard, young lady.”

“Oh, God. Oh, God, please hurry!” she mewled, lowering her bottom, her anus pulsing and clenching with the suppository buried inside it.

He lifted her hips before applying several swats to each of her round globes. “I expect you to keep this gorgeous blushing hind end up for me.”

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