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Her Doctor in Charge Writes a Prescription for Two Top 100 Spots

top100_doctorincharge_Maggie Carpenter‘s latest release, Her Doctor in Charge, has grabbed a Top 10 spot in Amazon’s Erotic Suspense category as well as a Top 20 spot in BDSM Erotica! Congratulations, Maggie!

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★★★★★ Anonymous @ “HOT HOT HOT” on December 9, 2015
Suspenseful, very steamy, and a total page turner. This is Ms. Carpenter at her best. I hope one day she’ll write a true crime drama because I think it would be a winner, but regardless, this involves a straight-laced doctor, Daniel Dupont, who is actually a dominant, and a young woman, Sybil Sinclair, who works at night for a nightclub. She goes to the doctor through a friend of hers, because she’s tired all the time. She doesn’t tell him she’s tired because she’s at the club. It’s her job to get the boys drinking and dancing, but just as the supposedly conservative doctor is a skill dominant, Sybil has another life as well, and a great deal of ambition. Won’t go into that, don’t want it to be a spoiler, but it turns out that the men who own the club are Russian gangsters, and want more from Sybil…a lot more. Totally entertaining, and the scenes in the doctor’s office…wow.

★★★★★ CF @ “One of my favorite books ever” on December 9, 2015
Thoroughly enjoyed this very sexy book. It has an exciting, suspenseful story, and some very salacious scenes in the doctor’s office. The heroine, Lady Sybil Sinclair, has a whole lot more to her than the dominant Dr. Dupont first realizes, and she finds in the good doctor a welcome support system in her somewhat lonely world. This story has some touching moments. With its nasty underworld figures and a long lost love, it’s another winner from Maggie Carpenter. I’d rank this as one of my favorites.

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