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Her Dominant Doctor by Bella Jackson

Her Dominant Doctor by Bella Jackson

When she is forced to leave her transatlantic cruise and rush back to the US for emergency surgery, Annie O’Reilly is devastated. Upon waking up from the anesthesia she quickly discovers that Thomas Callahan, the hunky doctor who performed her surgery, has taken a passionate interest in her recovery. He both sees to her every need and sternly ensures that she obeys his instructions, and she is delighted when the handsome surgeon asks her out once she is released from the hospital.

After Thomas reveals to her that he is a dom and she in turn admits she has always longed for a take-charge man, Annie soon learns just how mind-blowingly hot it is to be given a thorough, intimate, and deeply embarrassing yet highly erotic examination by her “Doctor Dom” before being taken over his knee for a bare bottom spanking.

As much as he turns her on and makes her beg for more, though, Annie fears that Thomas is moving too fast when he asks her to move in with him. Then when danger at Annie’s workplace threatens her safety and Thomas gives her an ultimatum, she feels smothered and questions the sanity of their relationship. Must she bow to her dominant doctor’s every wish, or can their relationship thrive on mutual devotion and love?

Publisher’s Note: Her Dominant Doctor is an erotic novel that includes spanking, anal play, extensive BDSM content, sexual scenes, elements of medical play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Bella Jackson

Length: 68,400 words

Price: $4.95


“I’m afraid your promise is not enough, Ms. O’Reilly. Your impertinence must be punished. You could have caused yourself serious harm and I would be remiss as your doctor if I did not take you in hand.”

Annie’s pulse reached the danger stage. Punished? Annie was unsure of his meaning. “What do you mean, punished?” she asked slowly.

“Sir,” he responded firmly.

“Sir?” she repeated, confused.

“Yes, Ms. O’Reilly, your question should contain the honorific when you address me as a sign of respect. Your question should be ‘What do you mean, punished, sir?’”

Annie’s eyes widened in response. She was sure her engorged nipples were poking out from her hospital gown. Her panties were dampening by the minute as the dominant doctor took charge and demanded her submission. Annie had always wanted to submit to the will of a strong, take-charge man and here he was, Dr. Callahan, chastising her behavior. A delicious shudder of desire coursed through her body.

“I’m sorry, sir. I meant no disrespect, sir. I did not mean to cause trouble. Please, please forgive me,” Annie rambled, still stunned by this six-foot Adonis standing in front of her.

“Turn over, Ms. O’Reilly.” His command was firm.

“W… w… what do you mean? W… what are you going to do?” she asked nervously.

“I’m going to teach you a lesson, Ms. O’Reilly. You are going to roll over onto your tummy and submit to a punishment spanking. Now, do as I told you and turn over.”

Annie swallowed hard. “You can’t do that! You can’t give me a punishment spanking. Who do you think you are?”

“I am your doctor and I intend to follow through. You misbehaved, Ms. O’Reilly. You broke the rules and you must be punished. My punishments always include a bare-bottom spanking. It won’t be difficult to bare your bottom given the thin gown you are wearing. It opens so conveniently in the back.” His tone was condescending.

A thrilling desire rushed through Annie. She always wanted to experience a punishment spanking. The erotic stories she enjoyed never aroused her to the degree she was in this moment. Looking up, she could see that the doctor was serious in his intent and waited with barely a thread of patience left. Slowly, Annie turned over onto her stomach. Looking over her shoulder, Annie saw the curve of a smile on his face as he pulled the covers off of her.

“Let’s take these panties down, shall we?” he asked rhetorically. Annie felt his fingers curl into the elastic of her white cotton panties and, with painstakingly slow movements, pull the panties down to expose her naked bottom to the cool air.

“You have a lovely bottom, Ms. O’Reilly.” The warmth of his hand rubbing her butt cheeks brought another wave of arousal to course through her body. “You will receive twenty spanks. I expect you to count and thank me after each one. Let’s begin.”

Annie’s bottom clenched, knowing that the first strike was about to fall. “One, thank you, sir. Two, thank you, sir,” she called out through clenched teeth. It really hurt. “Three, thank you, sir.” The stinging of her bottom was like nothing she ever experienced. By the fifth spank, Annie’s eyes filled with tears. By the final spank, she was sobbing. Her ass burned, but that was not the worst of it. The shame. That was what really hurt. To be punished for her misbehavior by her doctor. It was humiliating. But more humiliating was the ache present between her legs. She could feel the swell of arousal, her pussy heavy and drenched.

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