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Her Highland Guardian Secures a #1 Spot


Ava Sinclair‘s newest release, Her Highland Guardian, has taken the #1 spot in Amazon’s Sci-Fi Erotica category and is in the Top 5 in Historical Erotica as well! Congratulations, Ava!

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★★★★★ Nicole Vela @ “Casual observer”  on September 6, 2015
Dr. Mary Malone,never expected to become aroused by what she was seeing but she was domestic discipline in eighteen century Scottish highlands. What she never expected was to be trapped in an alternate reality. Professional jealousy or a enormous computer glitch? This has to be a dream, perhaps she was over sleeping! Now she has to conform to her surrounding. No longer a casual observer she is literally within the story. Now she appears from out of the mist and she literally needs a champion, someone who could fight her accusers. With a mob of accusations of witchcraft, dark arts and blasphemy. Can she survive long enough to get back to her life? Will someone realize she is gone, and rescue her? Alistair McDonald, clan chieftain and a hulking example of male perfection. He is enthralled with the beautiful seductive temptress. She is now under his protection and the idea of training her to be the perfect wife(and his babygirl) has his body humming with anticipation. She has him bewitched. When she is in danger from her accusers and her friend realizes her mistake will she come to the realization she must go home or will she stay with her guardian? Mary has choices, what will she choose? Alistair can’t force her to stay, he loves her and she has proven her love. Will he have what he never thought he could have love of lass and a wife. Ava Sinclair has a sexy series! Her age play historical romances are beautifully written and the characters and places have an escape quality that mesmerized you, you can’t help but read. The sex and romance is off the charts, the discipline is balanced with tenderness- seductive and captivating, you keep falling in love with the storyline I can’t wait for more of her books. Would recommend this and all her books in the series. Beyond 5 stars.

★★★★★ Alicia Janwitcz @ “Loved it!” on September 6, 2015
This is my favorite Ava Sinclair book yet! Great story, great conflict, hot and steamy–and who doesn’t love a Highlander? Ms. Sinclair- Will Celeste be next in the series? She needs a little Highlander domination, too! Can’t wait for more.

★★★★★ SH @ “Fantastic”  on September 7, 2015
I loved everything about this book! Time travel, AP, a bit of steam and a dominant Scottish Chieftain, what more do you need?! The chemistry between Alastair and Mary is off the chain even though it takes her a bit of time to realize he is offering her exactly what she needs and wants. Their romance is a lovely journey and one you certainly don’t want to miss!

★★★★★ EuphoriaWasted @ “Whisked Away” on September 5, 2015
I was impressed (as I seem to be by all this authors books) by the complexity of the characters and the plot. However this one took a great step further and drew me in with the detail and the extra attention to making the experience (albeit fantasy) A little more realistic.

I fell in love and was whisked away to another time (see what I did there?) and I fully recommend this book to any and all readers of erotic fantasy!

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