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Her Old-Fashioned Husbands by Emily Tilton

As an eighteen-year-old living in a world where technology has allowed for near-immortality and eternal youth, Sarah is used to being seen as a child by those around her, but what really makes her unique is not her age. What sets Sarah apart is the fact that, despite the institution of marriage having been abandoned millennia ago, she cannot help longing for a husband who will not hesitate to take her over his knee for a sound spanking when he feels it necessary.

Though she never expected to experience the life she dreams about, when she volunteers to assist with a project being organized by General Richard Green and President Gregory Nevins, Sarah soon realizes that these handsome, powerful men are old enough to have lived in an era when naughty young women were still corrected with a firm hand applied to their bare bottoms.

Soon enough, Sarah finds herself naked and blushing with her bright red, well-spanked bottom on display as she is taught all the ways two stern, dominant men can enjoy her beautiful body. Their masterful lovemaking proves more pleasurable than she would have thought possible, but when Richard and Gregory decide to claim her as their wife, will Sarah truly be ready to submit completely to her old-fashioned husbands?

Publisher’s Note: Her Old-Fashioned Husbands includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Emily Tilton

eBook Price: $4.95

Length: 58,500 Words


“Put your hands back here, Sarah,” he said brusquely, “and spread your bottom-cheeks to show me your anus.”

“What?” she said in a voice so full of surprise that she seemed perhaps actually not to have understood. Richard smiled: the girl’s youth counselor clearly hadn’t introduced her to anal eroticism.

“Take your hands from your head, reach back, and pull these pretty cheeks apart. I want to see your rosy little bottom-hole.”

“But…” Richard couldn’t see Sarah’s face, but he was sure it had turned red at the newness of the intimate demands a dominant man might make of her.

“But your anus is private?” Richard asked, putting a full measure of sympathy into his voice.

Sarah nodded, her whole upper body bouncing charmingly with the motion because of her hands-on-head posture.

“Your anus won’t be private from me and President Nevins,” he replied. “You need to understand that. We will train you there, just as we train your pussy.”

He heard her lips part, but not even a little oh emerged.

“Show it to me, young lady. I don’t want to have to spank you again.”

Slowly her hands left her head, came down to her waist, moved a little bit back behind her.

“Bend over a little,” Richard said, “so I can get a good look.”

That drew a whimper from Sarah, and she obeyed, her natural submission suddenly taking over and making her lewd and shameless. As Richard watched, enchanted, she took the pretty roundness of her rear cheeks on her fingertips and spread them for him. The tiny pink button of an anus she revealed made his cock swell in anticipation. He reached out to touch her there with his index finger, pressing only a very little so as to make his point. Sarah quivered, and she made a tiny oh sound, so that Richard could picture her sweet lips in a little circle. Gently he pressed a bit further into the adorable dimple where she would soon start her most important training.

“It’s very important to us, Sarah, that when we fuck you here, very soon, you be prepared, so that you may enjoy giving yourself in that special way.”

“Where, sir?” Sarah asked fearfully, and Richard could hear in her voice now that she did understand: the idea had the fascination of submission for her that it should, given the nature of her sexuality, but her mind still pushed back against that awareness as she contemplated this greatest act of mastery.

Richard responded at first only by urging his finger a little further into the sweet ring of her backside.

“Oh! Oh, sir, no, please…” she whispered. “Not… please, not tonight?”

“No,” he agreed. “Not tonight. You’re going to have a very special wedding night, young lady, if you want to call it that—as the president and I do, since like you we have an affection for the old things. But we will spare your anus tonight.” Now he moved his fingertip gently in and out, so that Sarah gave little whimpering gasps at each movement. “But very soon we are going to claim you completely, and we are going to fill you with our cocks until you understand how thoroughly you belong to us.”

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