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Her Outlaw Daddy by Jane Henry

As the daughter of a well-to-do politician, Aida Perkins is accustomed to living in relative luxury, but everything changes the night she is carried off by Cole Clemens and his gang. The gruff, handsome outlaw makes it clear that she will be held for ransom until her father repays the debt he owes, and until then absolute obedience and total submission will be demanded of Aida.

When she puts him to the test, Aida quickly finds herself over Cole’s lap with her bottom bare for a thorough, humiliating spanking, and to make matters worse he informs her that from now on she will be expected to call him Daddy. Though the painful, embarrassing punishment infuriates Aida, her body betrays her and Cole’s stern chastisement arouses her deeply.

Determined to master Aida completely, Cole sets out to teach her what it means to surrender fully to a dominant man, and when he takes her long and hard she is left begging for more. Aida cannot help her growing passion for her firm-handed captor, but it is only when she learns the real reason for her kidnapping that she truly understands the danger she and her new daddy face. Will Cole be able to keep his little girl safe from both her enemies and his own?

Publisher’s Note: Her Outlaw Daddy includes spankings, sexual scenes, age play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Jane Henry

eBook Price: $3.95

Length: 35,700 Words


She put up another fuss as he lifted her chemise, revealing thin cotton undergarments that easily dropped open when he released the drawstring. Her bottom was as red as a ripe strawberry, the bare skin hot to the touch when he placed his large hand against her. His cock hardened beneath her as he ran his hand over her naked skin. She winced and squirmed at the intimate touch, and it took all his self-control not to touch more than he’d planned. Though seeing her restrained over his knee and resisting him made his cock bulge in his pants, now was not the time to take her.

Cole lifted his palm and brought it down on her reddened backside so hard, finger-shaped welts rose on her naked skin. He spanked her thighs, first one and then the other, curving his hand expertly so that she winced with each blow.

“Are you goin’ to obey, Miss Aida?”

She shook her head, but didn’t speak this time, as he administered another half a dozen swats. The sound of his hand on her bare skin rang in the stillness, but still she would not obey.

“All you have to do is say, ‘I’m sorry, Daddy.’”

She shook her head again. Keeping a steady tempo, he spanked her until finally, she bent at the waist, the resistance going out of her.

“I’m sorry!” she moaned, her voice near desperate. “Please, stop! I can’t take anymore!”

He delivered another crisp swat, the slap of his palm on her naked skin echoing around them. “I’m sorry, what?” he asked.

He heard a half sob escape from her mouth. He paused, and when she didn’t speak, he delivered another serious swat. “What do you say, young lady?” he asked.

“I’m sorry, Daddy!”

He closed his eyes, his cock so hard it was painful, as he immediately stopped her spanking. He’d told her he’d spank her until she obeyed, and she’d obeyed. Running his large hand over her scorching hot bottom, he praised her now, though it sounded condescending even to his own ears.

“Very good. Good girl,” he crooned. She was so beautiful.

She was crying freely, and he was overcome with the strong desire to hold her in his arms. But no. That would not do. He had to reinforce the lesson he’d just given her.

“Are you going to behave yourself now, or is Daddy going to have to take you over his knee again?”

She sniffled, staring at the ground. “I’ll behave.”

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