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Her Rogue Viking Plunders a #2 Spot

Ashe Barker’s newest book, Her Rogue Viking, has reached the #2 spot in Amazon’s Viking Historical Romance category and it has made the Top 100 in Scottish Historical Romance as well! Congratulations Ashe!

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★★★★★ Sue B @ Amazon “Scotland in the Year 1106 and the Vikings are raiding, Fiona fights back downing several warriors with her sling shot……….” on April 6, 2017
Ulfric Freysson and his Viking warriors are raiding the small village of Penniglas, there has been some resistance and killing on both sides, then his huge warriors mysteriously begin to fall unconscious, by Thor’s Hammer what is happening?… He notices a raven haired beauty with a sling shot, excellent aim and fiery temper to match. Taking her prisoner he is determined to make her his, Fiona has ideas and a mind of her own.

The prisoners “Thrall’s” are taken by ship back to the Norsemen’s homeland, Fiona is kept by Ulfric and taken into his home as his bed slave and to help care for his son Njall, however his sister Brynhild despises her on site, her maliciousness intense enough that it left Fiona fearing for her very life……

As time passes Ulfric is able to see the way in which Fiona has become mother to his son, helps run his home and will defend those under her care to her last dying breath. His Celtic thrall has indeed mystified, hypnotised and spun a web about him, since that first day when he saw her hiding in the bracken, felling his men with her sling shot. At first sight she’d captivated him and his love for her holds him in her heart more surely than a wedding ever could hope to signify……..

This was a wonderful read, the character were larger than life, the roughness of the Viking raiders and the thralls once they reached their shores ensured that life was hard, only the strong would survive….

The lessons of discipline were painful, humiliating and often on a bare bottom, the sexual chemistry was Hot!…Hot!…Hot…. and you will find that once you start reading the book it is impossible to put down until you discover the end……

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and look forward to reading any future publications; keep up all the great writing.

★★★★★ Steph @ Amazon “Perfect!” on April 7, 2017
Well written book, really easily to get involved in the story. I really enjoyed how the characters relation evolve through the book. The book is full of hot sex, action and spanking.

I received an arc from Stormy Night Publications for an honest review

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