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Her Rugged Guardian: A Dark Enemies to Lovers Romance by Piper Stone

She’s determined to hate me. I’m determined to make her mine.

When Cassandra Dayne waltzed into town, the dislike between us was instant. Her mistaking me for an intruder and hitting me over the head didn’t help, and neither did me belting her bare ass.

That just left me painfully hard and her shamefully wet but no less full of fire and brimstone…

But I’m not going anywhere, and not only because I was hired to fix up the bed and breakfast she’s back home to run or even because of the brutal hate-sex neither of us could resist.

She’s staying because she’s stubborn enough to defy the mobsters who want her property.

I’m staying because she’s mine now, and I protect what’s mine.

Publisher’s Note: Her Rugged Guardian is a standalone romance. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Piper Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$5.99

Length: 90,500 words


We’d both crossed a line that couldn’t be uncrossed. That was dandy with me at this point. I smacked her bottom just once as a reminder to continue behaving. Not that she could get out of my possessive hold at this point, but I knew little Miss Cassandra would try.

“Maybe I’ll keep you like this,” I told her as I rolled my fingers down her spine.

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“You should know how that kind of talk turns me on.” It was tough not to have a smile riding my face as I pressed my thumb between her ass cheeks, pushing against her asshole.

She stiffened, her breathing coming in short gasps. “This is… filthy.”

“Which is what makes it so damn hot.” As I pushed my thumb into her dark hole, I also returned my cock to her wetness, pumping several times. The way her sweet pussy pulled me deeply inside kept my muscles tense.

“Oh, my.”

I grinned hearing her soft purrs, adoring the way her body responded to me. She continued to yank on the belt holding her in position as she tossed her hair back and forth. After making her asshole as prepared as possible, I replaced my thumb with the tip of my shaft. She immediately sucked in her breath, ceasing any movement altogether.

“Relax, Cinnamon Girl. I’ll make you feel so good.” As I pressed my cock inside, she moaned both her resistance and pleasure, the tightness and heat incredible. Beads of sweat had already formed on the back of my neck, my muscles tight as drums from trying to keep control with her. It would be far too easy to lose myself in the fiery woman, the need for her building at a crazy pace. I pressed my cock in slowly, allowing her muscles to become accustomed to the wide girth.

With her, my cock seemed to expand more than normal, the hunger becoming insatiable. I did what I could to hold back, slipping into her an inch at a time. “God, so tight.”

“Uh-huh. So big. You’re just so big.”

It was impossible not to grin around her. She had a way of disarming me, pushing all my savage needs to the surface. When I was finally seated inside, she shuddered underneath, twisting her hands to the point I knew the thick strap encircling them had to hurt. I pulled out, driving into her again. It took no time to realize that the way her muscles were clenching around the tight invasion wouldn’t allow me to wait as long as I wanted before erupting deep inside.

I closed my eyes, trying to concentrate, pressing one hand on the small of her back, gripping her hip with the other. I remained tense, the savage sounds I was making overtaking her ragged moans. Thank God we didn’t have close neighbors, or they’d likely call the sheriff. I grinned once again thinking about Bart’s twisted expression if he was called to the property for excessive noise.

“Oh. My. God. I…” She writhed and whimpered underneath me, still trying her best to get out of my control. How long would it take her to learn there wasn’t a chance of that happening? And I’d meant what I said. Taming her seemed like the only option. I continued plunging, finally lifting my head toward the ceiling as beads of sweat fell into my eyes.

When there was no chance of holding back any longer, I cracked my hand against her bottom twice more, grinning like some deranged man as she cried out. And when I finally erupted deep inside of her, I’d never felt so much satisfaction in my life.