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Her Shameful Education by Emily Tilton

When her new owner brings Renee home after she is sold at auction, the blushing nineteen-year-old quickly discovers that having her bare bottom caned and then thoroughly and publicly claimed isn’t the only shameful thing in store for her as the property of a stern, sexy billionaire.

It turns out that the man who bought Renee is also the proud owner of an AI concubine, and she will be helping him train Renee, teaching her in the most humiliating ways imaginable that her body is no longer her own. But when the impishly naughty AI starts to behave strangely, can Renee convince her owner that what she witnessed was more than just a minor malfunction?




Publisher’s Note: Her Shameful Education is a stand-alone book in the Corporate Correction series. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Emily Tilton

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 57,000 words


I let out a wailing cry as I opened my eyes and saw.

Pretty. The picture on the screen didn’t look like anything I would have thought to call pretty before this moment. I saw Master Hendryk’s lap pressed against my whipped bottom. I saw just a little of the base of his cock, nested in a few curly golden hairs that had emerged from his open fly. I saw the belt that held me to the horse, and the tucked-up hem of my nightgown.

I saw him pull the rigid shaft out a little, and it seemed like the obscene, taboo image of the girl having anal sex for the first time came before I actually felt my master withdraw his thick manhood. I cried out at the sight, and the cry became a moan of discomfort and shame as the terrible sensation of fullness in my little bottom changed with the movement of the rigid penis in my narrowest place.

The massive girth of Master Hendryk’s cock held me much too open. He started to fuck my ass as I watched helplessly, my eyes fixed on the screen and my face burning. He thrust in and out slowly at first, using me, I could tell, at the rhythm that felt best on his erection. I heard the low, growling murmurs of his pleasure come from his broad chest high above me, and those sounds sent waves of heat to my cheeks and to my pussy in what felt like equal measure.

I had supposed I wouldn’t feel much if any arousal when I took the penis in my bottom for the first time. I found to my dismay, though, that the need had started to grow again inside my neglected vagina. Something about the sheer authority with which my master drove into me without any thought for my enjoyment of the unnatural act paradoxically brought arousal in the place he declined to stimulate as he used me in this humiliating way. The next time I moaned, the keening sound had in it a piteous rising note of beseeching.

Master Hendryk’s cock began to move faster, each surge into my no-longer-virgin anus stretching me further and bringing a new cry of discomfort, a new plea for his mercy in the midst of the pleasure my bottom clearly brought him. The inarticulate begging of my little noises became a single word.

“Please… please…” I whimpered. I added another word, the only one that came to my mind. “Please, Master… please…”

On the screen the image changed back to the medium view of the man fucking the ass of his newly acquired bed girl. The expression on my master’s face seemed like the direct opposite of the one on mine: I wore a mask of woe, tears of pain in my eyes and my brow deeply creased; Master Hendryk’s handsome face, framed in neatly styled but gorgeously flowing golden locks, seemed absolutely determined, fierce in an almost animalistic way—the look of a hunter in pursuit of his prey, or a judge intent on handing down a stern but fair sentence.

His hips moved vigorously, driving his hardness all the way into my backside with every thrust. The contrast of his immaculately tuxedoed form and my nearly naked one as he rode my bottom, immobilized for his use atop the horse seemed to grow even sharper. Master Hendryk would always wear the pants in his household, he seemed intent on making me understand, and as of ten minutes ago I belonged to his household—and to him.