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Her Stern Gentleman by Tabitha Rayne

Her Stern GentlemanElizabeth McCoy’s husband has always been a perfect gentleman. But as they travel by ship to Canada to start a new life, she cannot help longing for something more, and after a terrible indiscretion on her part during the voyage she finds herself begging him to take her in hand.

Recognizing that his wife needs to be sternly punished and thoroughly dominated, James bares her bottom and spanks her soundly before taking her in a hard, demanding way that is unlike anything she has ever experienced. Her husband’s skillful mastery of her body excites Elizabeth more than she could have ever imagined, but will his strict discipline free her from her guilt before it tears their marriage apart?

Publisher’s Note: Her Stern Gentleman includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Tabitha Rayne

eBook Price: $2.99

Length: 24,200 Words


“Lift yourself up so I can see that arse of yours properly.”

Lizzie obeys, pushing up onto her toes and pressing her face and chest into the bed. It feels sublime and naughty and right and wrong. Her cunt is twitching and ready for whatever he will give it.

When the first smack comes, it knocks the breath from her throat. It takes a few moments for her to even feel the next three, which rain down in quick succession. Oh, but she soon does feel them. His huge flat palm spanks her soundly and rhythmically, making her cheeks wobble and her hips sway.

“Keep still,” he says, grabbing her hip to steady her without breaking a beat. Pain sears through her flesh and she almost sobs with it, heat rising. He keeps striking slightly harder each time and in different places so no part of her ass has been missed. She relishes the pain at the point just under her buttocks where they join her thighs; it feels sublime, stinging, and glorious. She yelps as his palm thwacks right across both cheeks, sending a puff off air onto her pussy. She lifts her rump for more, winding her hips to find a stray fingertip. But still he teases. Sweat breaks out over her back and shoulders and the tops of her thighs, or maybe that was her desire running down her legs.

“Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck,” she mutters under her breath. Spreading her feet apart, she almost weeps when the smacking suddenly stops and at least two fingers thrust deep into her yearning cunt. Oh, how open and ready she is, a slippery hot mess, her pussy pouting and gaping to be filled by her mate.

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