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Her Stern Gentleman Drops Anchor in a Top 100 Spot

Tabitha Rayne‘s first release with Stormy Night, Her Stern Gentleman, has made the Top 100 for Amazon’s 20th Century Historical Romance category. Congratulations, Tabitha!top100_hersterngentleman

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★★★★★ Maud Mamaon “All hands to spanking stations!” September 11, 2016
What a treat to read! Elizabeth has a loving husband, James, so why is she so cold? What is missing from her life?

On a, literal, voyage of discovery and after an erotic run in with a sailor, Elizabeth finally realises what is missing from her life ….discipline.

Meanwhile, James is wondering how to bring his wife Elizabeth back to life… she is so distant and cold towards him. After seeing an wildly erotic spanking on board the ship taking him and his wife to a new life, James finds that Elizabeth is more than receptive to a little domineering.

With some full on spanking/BDSM scenes this book really is not for the faint of heart.

★★★★★ Karen Son “Steamy and spankingly great story.” September 11, 2016
Elizabeth has a loving husband in James so why does her life leave her feeling cold. Something is missing but she isn’t sure what it is. On a cruise to a new life, Elizabeth finally finds that something that fires her up from the inside out and leaves her body feeling red hot. Can she convince James to become what she needs? This is a no holds barred story of awakening. The writing is all encompassing and gives you a real sense of the characters inner most feelings. The BDSM scenes are full on and hot as hell, a real must for all spanking fans.

★★★★★ Read4Fun “A spankingly good read!” on September 10, 2016
This is such a beautifully written and unique story. There’s romance and angst, spanking and pleasure. A treat to read.

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    Thank you so much Stormy Nights! I’m so excited by this news x x x
    I love how you’ve made this book so beautiful with the editing and gorgeous cover – thank you x

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