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Her Very Strict Captain: A Rough Romance by Maggie Carpenter

On his yacht, he makes the rules.

Scott Specter isn’t just an expert sailor and former Navy SEAL. He’s a man who will take a disobedient woman over his knee, bare her bottom, and give her the spanking of her life.

He’s also the man Elizabeth McKay needs. Working undercover for the DEA, she is tasked with the arrest of a powerful drug lord, but an obsessed, possibly corrupt detective is hot on her trail, and Scott is the only one she can trust. But while she’s aboard his boat, she’ll do as she’s told or be punished.

Despite his strict rules and her frequently sore bottom, Scott’s firm-handed dominance leaves Elizabeth breathless, blushing, and desperate to be taken long and hard. While he gives her what she wants… and more… the danger is growing. Can he outwit their ruthless enemy, keep her safe, and ultimately bring the drug lord to justice?

Publisher’s Note: Her Very Strict Captain includes sexual scenes and spankings. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Maggie Carpenter

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 83,000 words


Abruptly straightening up, Scott jerked Elizabeth over his knee and began slapping her backside.

“Ow, Scott, what are you—?”

“If I’m going down this road with you, no more lies,” he exclaimed, moving his hand from cheek to cheek with stinging smacks.

“Okay, okay.”

“Excuse me?”

“Yes, Captain!”

“And if I think you’re getting too full of yourself, you’ll be back where you are right now. Got it?”

“Yes, Captain, yes, yes, please stop.”

“I’ll stop when I’m ready,” he declared, swatting her sit spots, “and no more of that temper.”

“Ow, I’ll behave, I swear.”

“Behave, hmm… I think we’re coming to an understanding. Off my lap and get on your hands and knees.”

As she crawled on the bed, he slapped her again to hurry her along, then reached across to the small box on the shelf and retrieved a condom. Kneeling up behind her, he sheathed his stiff member, then trailed his fingers over her pussy with a feathered touch. Moaning softly and wriggling her hips, she looked at him over her shoulder with hungry eyes.

“I know what you want,” he murmured, staring at her crimson backside as he slid his fingertips down the inside of her thighs, “but I’m not sure you deserve it.”

“Probably not,” she whimpered, “but I am sorry about everything, really I am.”

“Ask nicely.”

“Please, Captain Scott, will you make love to me?”

“You may not be wet enough,” he teased, lightly touching her entrance.

She immediately bucked back at him.

“Keep still,” he said sternly, landing a hot smack on her sit spot.

“Ouch, I can’t help it. I want you so much.”

“Only good girls get what they want. Are you going to be a good girl, Elizabeth?”

“Yes, Captain, I’ll be good, I promise.”

“Remember, you’re not allowed to move.”

Placing a finger against her clit, he rubbed aggressively, and though she moaned loudly, she remained motionless.

“So you are capable of following orders,” he remarked. “Amazing what a good spanking can achieve, isn’t it, Elizabeth?”

“Yes, Captain,” she softly whimpered. “Thank you.”

Her unexpected words of gratitude touched his dominant soul.

Were they two sides of the same coin?

The tantalizing thought dancing through his head, he gripped her waist, placed himself at her slick entrance, and slowly pushed forward.

But closing his eyes he stayed completely still, buried inside her, relishing her warmth.

The image of the ancient cabin from his dreams suddenly flashed through his head. His wench was bent over his bed, her dress bunched up around her waist, rippling like the ocean as he plundered her pussy.

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