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His as Payment: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone

When I want something, I make it mine. I want her.

Caroline Hargrove thinks she is mine because her father owed me a debt, but that isn’t why she is sitting in my car beside me with her bottom sore inside and out. She’s wet, well-used, and coming with me whether she likes it or not because I decided I want her, and I take what I want.

As a senator’s daughter, she probably thought no man would dare lay a hand on her, let alone spank her thoroughly and then claim her beautiful body in the most shameful ways possible.

She was wrong. Very, very wrong. She’s going to be mastered, and I won’t be gentle about it.



Publisher’s Note: His as Payment includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Piper Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 79,900 words


“Now, hold your position.” He released his hold, folding the belt in front of my eyes then gliding the thick leather down my back. I was shocked at his level of calm. There was no anger, no nastiness in his tone. He was simply giving orders.

Everything about this man surprised me.

I just seemed to react to his command, easing my face against the cool wood, and stretching my arms out to hold onto the edge of his desk. Everything was a blur, whirling in front of me. I took several breaths, preparing.


Dominick snapped his wrist, the strap slapping across both ass cheeks.

There was no flash of instant pain, no indication that I felt anything. My grip became white-knuckled and I concentrated on my breathing, even counting as I heard the whooshing sound once again.


I was thrown at the intensity of the noise, pain finally coursing through my cheeks. I closed my eyes in shame as my cream trickled from my pussy, leaking onto my inner thighs.

The spanking continued, one coming immediately after the other. The pain shifted into anguish, forcing cries from my throat, but I refused to cry. I would never give him the satisfaction.

“You’re doing much better than I expected, Caroline.”

I wanted to retort. Dear God, I did, but I bit my cheek to keep the nasty words at bay.

Dominick shoved two fingers past my swollen folds, flexing them open as he thrust as deep inside my pussy as possible, driving in a barbaric manner. “I can give you everything you’ve ever desired, but every moment you’re disobedient, you will suffer harsh punishment.”

I heard the words. I knew what he was saying. I also couldn’t react or answer.

Two fingers became three then four, plunging like the horrible savage he was but I was so wet, close to coming. “When you’re a good girl, complying with my rules, the pleasure will be infinite.”

He ripped his fingers away, resuming the round of punishment, the strap smacking against my bottom, creating vicious heat.

The anguish was blinding but the way my pussy clenched, my nipples aching to an almost desperate level was shocking. On some level I wanted this.

Needed this.

Still, I was humiliated by the moment, as well as my ridiculous thoughts.

His fingers were thrust into me again, brutal and unyielding. I heard his savage growls, so husky and sensuous that I was floating on some cloud, arching my back and widening my legs as far as they would go. The scent of my feminine wiles wafted up, filling my nostrils. I was so aroused, every cell in my body on fire. Panting, my cunt muscles clamped around his fingers, trying desperately to draw him in further.

When he removed his fingers once again, I whimpered, undulating my hips against his desk.

He chuckled darkly. “You are one hungry little minx.” Without hesitating, he thrust his thumb past the cleft in my ass, finding my dark hole.

“Fuck!” I slapped my hands on the desk, white-hot pain searing every nerve ending.

Leaning over, he eased the strands of hair from my neck, his heated breath falling like soft velvet. “Your mouth belongs to me, your lips used to suck my cock. Your pussy belongs to me, wet and ready whenever I crave. And your tight little asshole belongs to me. To fuck. To punish. Whatever I desire. Anything at any time.”

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