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His Captive by Kiley Beckett

She thought she could get the best of a billionaire. She ended up as his captive.

She was just a sweet, innocent virgin trying to pay her college tuition, wasn’t she?

Asking a reclusive billionaire for the tiniest little bit of money in return for keeping the very, very private photo she had taken of him out of the tabloids wasn’t really blackmail, was it?

Unfortunately for Pearl Armbruster, Julian Mann didn’t merely disagree, he disagreed strongly.

Strongly enough to make some very special, very shameful plans for Pearl.

Those plans involve carrying her off to his private island with her bottom still burning from his belt and her tear-stained cheeks still blushing from an even more humiliating public climax. But Julian is not just going to claim her beautiful body in all of the ways no man ever has before.

First he’s going to make her beg for it.

Publisher’s Note: His Captive includes spankings, rough, intense sexual scenes, and strong D/s themes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Kiley Beckett

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 45,000 words


Julian’s hand tucked into the back of her shorts. She could feel the warmth of his skin against hers. His fingers had slipped under her panties as well.

With one sharp tug, her shorts were yanked down and her buttocks were bared. The stitching gave a quick tearing sound. A cool breeze tickled at her ass cheeks and she bit at the inside of her lip knowing all these men were looking at her bared bottom.

She whispered over her shoulder, “What are you going to—”


A thunderclap of red-hot pain flashed across her ass cheeks. Rolling shame and wet heat rose up her back like an approaching storm. Julian had spanked her with the gathered length of his expensive leather belt.

She hollered out, loud and anguished. A strand of spit flopped over her lower lip and down her chin. The men laughed at her as she wiped her mouth. When their laughter continued, she hid her face from them, hid away in her hands as her eyes filled with tears. She clenched her knees together and flexed her thighs but it had the effect of turning her rump up for more punishment.

The belt slapped across both cheeks again with astonishing precision. The sound was high and bright and it reverberated around the inside steel curve of the Quonset hut. She cried out once more. Now her anus and sex were throbbing like a toothache, and the anticipation of another strike had her pussy quivering and trembling.

Three more times the belt struck her, coming in regular, controlled syncopation.

“Turn up your chin, Miss Armbruster,” Julian said at her side. His hand rested over the back of her thigh just above her knee, warm and somehow reassuring. “Let the men see your shame.”

She did; rested her chin on her wrist and looked straight ahead. The cops’ and Shackelford’s faces were turned to regard her but she wouldn’t make eye contact, only saw them in her periphery. She could register their snide smiles and knew they all thought this was hilarious. Her lips thinned, and she tried not to cry but her chin dimpled and then a wild tremble began that she couldn’t control. She had to hide her face again. It made them all laugh harder. More tears streamed down her cheeks but she wouldn’t let them see.

“Uh-oh,” Julian said behind her. “What do we have happening here?”

“What?” she mumbled wetly into her forearms.

“Bernie, come and see this.” Julian tugged her shorts lower as Shackelford went around behind her. Her legs shook. Julian’s thumbs pressed into the softness of her ass cheeks and he peeled her wide open, exposing her anus and vagina; cold air whisked against her warm wetness.

“Hey!” She kicked her feet, but Julian moved his body against her legs and pinned them. She struggled, but not enough to get away. Her calf pressed upward and into Julian’s crotch; his hardness pressed against her leg.

When she looked around, she saw the two handsome men examining between her thighs; looked down and saw Julian’s huge arousal pressing out the fly of his expensive linen suit pants.

Julian said, “She’s not wet from pool water. This little blackmailing brat is in heat.”

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