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His City Girl by Emily Tilton

His City GirlWhen small town girl Zoe Brown moves to New York City in 1966 to live with elegant, cosmopolitan Anne-Marie Ney, she’s expecting to receive polish and guidance from her worldly friend. What Zoe doesn’t expect is to find that she craves the stern attention of the same kind of man Anne-Marie prefers: a firm-handed gentleman who will both show her the pleasure a woman’s body is made for and spank her bare bottom when she is disobedient.

Though his dream is to leave Manhattan behind and live a simple life in the country, after Victor Carroll meets innocent, beautiful Zoe, the handsome businessman decides to stay in the city for a while. Zoe quickly agrees not only to work in his office but to surrender her body to his skillful dominance as well, and before long Victor has taken her in every way imaginable, bringing her shameful ecstasy far beyond anything she ever would have dreamed possible.

But when Zoe learns that Victor will one day leave New York forever, she will have to make a choice between the man she adores and the city she loves. Can she bring herself to say goodbye to Victor, or will she set out to prove that a modern, urban girl can live a happy life anywhere as long as she is by the side of the man who has taught her the ways of the world?

Publisher’s Note: His City Girl is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Emily Tilton

eBook Price: $3.95

Length: 43,500 Words


“Zoe says you haven’t tasted her, though you made her pleasure you with her tongue.”

“No,” Anne-Marie replied. “I wanted her master to be the first.”

“Well, come join me,” Victor said.

Zoe’s eyes flew open, and she looked in wide-eyed alarm at Anne-Marie, as if to have her Tantie kiss her between her thighs represented something too depraved to contemplate, even now.

“I merely came to say that lunch is ready,” Anne-Marie said, smiling. Zoe seemed to relax. “But…” Zoe’s eyes widened again. Anne-Marie looked at Victor. “I certainly don’t mind a little appetizer.” She stepped toward the bed, watching Victor rub the wet little cunt with three fingers. She bent down for an even closer look. “Isn’t the clit the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?” she asked.

“Definitely,” Victor replied, making a little circle there with his forefinger. Zoe gave a gasping cry. She had closed her eyes again.

“Zoe,” Anne-Marie said softly, “look at me.” The blue eyes opened, now in wonder, as if Zoe had descended so far into this new world of being only her master’s fucking piece that she had not expected to be addressed at all, but merely to be discussed as lasciviously as possible.

“I know how difficult it is to accept that you want such things. When Victor punishes you for your wantonness, in just a little while—”

“After lunch,” Victor said with decision, flicking his tongue out to tease Zoe’s clit and looking up at her with a smile of satisfaction as if at the way her brow furrowed. “Over the table after lunch. A whipping, and then anal sex for the first time.” He flicked his tongue out again, and Anne-Marie watched with amusement as he brought the forefinger of his left hand up to push against the tiny pink button of an anus where he would put his huge cock in just a little while.

“Oh, please, sir,” Zoe said, gasping with pleasure and also apparent anxiety. “Please, not yet.”

“Nonsense,” said Anne-Marie. “That is what I am saying, my dear. You know you need the whipping, and you know that your master will decide when and how to fuck you—you know you need that, too.”

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