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His Human Captive by Stella Rising

With her life in grave danger after exposing of a massive embezzlement scheme, Haley Feyn might have considered herself lucky to be abducted by a huge, stunningly handsome alien. But Kest didn’t rescue Haley out of the goodness of his heart. He took her because he wanted a pet.

She belongs to him now, utterly and completely, and he is going to use and enjoy his little human in any way he desires. But Kest’s plans for Haley go far beyond claiming her beautiful body. She will be thoroughly and intimately examined, publicly displayed, and punished more shamefully than she can imagine if she fails to obey his every command.

Once she has been properly trained, she will be presented to the rulers of his people as an example of how well a human female can taught to please her alien master. But when one of Kest’s rivals threatens all of humanity, can Haley prove that she is no helpless slave?

Publisher’s Note: His Human Captive is a stand-alone novel which is the first book in the Captives of the Dominars series. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Stella Rising

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 52,200 words


I feel Kest’s hand move along my rear, only this time his touch is warm and wet.


He coats between my cheeks with the fluid, forcing some of it into my ass. Then I feel his cock pressing into my tight bud. I moan, bracing myself for the pain of being penetrated by such a massive member; yet, I also feel my fluids running, recalling the pleasure of having him drive deep into my ass. Despite the discomfort, it produces a uniquely enjoyable thrill.

Kest works his way inside gently, but once he’s in, I’m already racked by the coalescing euphoria and suffering. Driving his cock in slowly only intensifies the sensation’s presence in my mind, as the longer I feel it, the less I can think about anything else. My toes curl as he holds my chest with one hand and my stomach with the other, clutching me close as he finishes urging his cock inward. He groans as he goes deep, feeling my tight ass grip down on his steely cock. I merely whimper, processing as much of the agony and bliss as possible.

“Beg for my cock, pet.”

I clench down hard, stirred by his throaty voice whispering in my ear. “Please, sir, I want your cock.”

Kest grunts. “Try again. Show me how a dirty human begs her Dominar.”

My heart pounds as Kest casually slides in and out of my ass.

“Please fuck my ass, master! Fuck it hard!”

“Much better,” he laughs, ramming into me.

I scream, shaking in my bonds.

“Keep begging, human! Tell me how much you like this, how much you need it.”

I cry and wail, my words hardly intelligible. Every thrust of his cock feels like another explosion of carnal bliss, and I just want more and more.

Kest never relents for a moment. He dips his fingers into my pussy, then makes me suck off the musty juices. He spanks my already punished bottom, and then pinches my nipples, tantalizing me with fresh doses of pain that make me whine and writhe. When he senses I’m close to coming, he slows down, cruelly frustrating me. But finally, when I feel I can’t take any more, he rubs my clit hard, and hammers my punished hole harder than ever.

“You may come, pet,” he whispers into my ear.

I appreciate having permission, though I’m well past the point of being able to hold it back if I wanted to.

By the time I orgasm, my voice is gone. My jaw hangs open in a silent scream, as if my mute button has been hit. Kest keeps thrusting, milking himself dry, and by the time he finishes, I’ve lost count of all the orgasms I’ve had. After the first few, they blend together, a single sustained trance. Even after he stops, I linger in the elevated state for what feels like hours, though it could have been minutes. I’ve lost all sense of time.

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